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Susan Scheewe Art Mediums


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PLEASE NOTICE! We are discontinueing and will no longer will have in the future Susan Scheewe Art supplies. Our supply is very limited already. Everything is on sale until gone. When gone we take those items off the web site as soon as we can. If you order something we have sold out of we will refund your money for the missing items.


With her many years of teaching and painting experience, Susan Scheewe and Martin Weber have developed a superb line of art mediums, gesso's and products to help you produce wonderful works of art.

You can use her products as a highlighting touch or to enhance an entire surface of your water colors and acrylic art. Order here to get the same mediums and base coats that Susan Scheewe uses in her paintings, and on her TV shows and videos and in her instruction books.

susan scheewe artist mediums
Susan Scheewe Texture Mediums

Susan Scheewe Texture Medium will add dimension, texture and limitless possibilities to your work. Use it as a highlighting touch or to enhance an entire surface.

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Susan Scheewe Texture Mediums Jars

This medium is pure white and creamy smooth. It is easy to apply with a brush, palette knife or texturing tips. (Tips:see below).

Susan Scheewe texture medium can be applied to almost any surface and works with watercolors and acrylics and other colors can be mixed into it.

susan scheewe white texture mediumIt can be painted over when dry or used while painting, or even applied over the top of dried paint. This medium is very versatile! It being white, many other colors can be added to it get various colors.  The possiblites are endless.  Think about making waves, sun sets, bark, leaves, endless iteas for use abound.

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Susan Scheewe Texture Medium tubes

It comes in two sizes. A 236 ml (8 fl.oz) can, or in a 118 ml (4 fl.oz) tubes. When using the tubes, many artists use the texturing tips on top of the tubes. See tips below.

White Texture Medium 8 oz Jar MSRP $10.99    Sale $6.59

White Texture Medium 4 0z Tube MSRP $7.99    Sale $4.79


susan scheewe texturing tips for artists paintingsSusan Scheewe Texturing Tips

These tips attach directly to Scheewe White Texture Medium Tubes. The tips are used to create beautiful texture effects. The possibilities abound!

By applying these tips to the Susan Scheewe tubes of Texture Medium you can apply it more easily to your art. 

Almost like cake decorating you make all kinds of interesting effects to enhance your art.

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Susan Scheewe Texturing Tips

Susan uses these texturing tips to make all kinds of effects like roses, leafs, and more. The holes in the tips are specially designed for these uses.  There are some instructions on the box but much more are found in her books and DVD's.

Scheewe Texture Tips MSRP $5.99    Sale $3.59


Susan Scheewe Blue Masking Fluid for artistsSusan Scheewe Blue Masking Fluid

This medium is used to block areas or details from unwanted paint coverage. You apply the fluid to work, and allow it to dry before painting begins. After the painting is done and dry, you lift the mask off the work by rubbing gently with a fingertip or a soft eraser. It is easily removed.

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Susan Scheewe Blue Masking Fluid

This unique masking fluid has a light blue tint which is easily seen but will not stain or damage surfaces. It comes in a 59 ml (2 oz) bottle.

Susan scheewe uses this a lot in her paintings to create many special effects.  You will find it used in many of her paintings and on her DVD's.

Blue Masking Fluid 2 oz Bottle MSRP $8.99    Sale $5.39


susan scheewe finish spray for artistsSusan Scheewe Finish Spray

This finish spray protects dried watercolor and acrylic paintings with a light, protective finishing coat.  It will not yellow and although colorless, it actually enhances colors by evening out areas which may have dried matte showing. 

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Susan Scheewe Finish Spray for artists

This finish spray imparts an even, gloss patina to surfaces on which it is used. To use the best results are obtained by spaying on a light coat and let dry, then apply other light coats afterward. Seveal coats may be applied to any dry painting.  I have found two work well as long as the first coat is allowed to completely dry before spraying on the second coat. If much paint has been used either with a knife or texturing tips, three coats is better.

Finish Spray 11 oz spray can MSRP $17.49  Sale $10.49