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Susan Scheewe Artist Tools


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PLEASE NOTICE! We are discontinueing and will no longer will have in the future Susan Scheewe Art supplies. Our supply is very limited already. Everything is on sale until gone. When gone we take those items off the web site as soon as we can. If you order something we have sold out of we will refund your money for the missing items.



susan scheewe artist sprayers

Susan Scheewe Sprayers

These sprayers are used to spray water over acrylic and watercolors on palettes to achieve the perfect consistency and the ability to paint all day with out the paints drying out.  They will also re-wet dried watercolors easily and allow you to work the paint longer.

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Susan Scheew Sprayers

By mixing paint into the water Susan Scheewe shows you how color Sprayers are used to create spatter effects that gives the appearance of texture, creating depth and interest in your paintings. Directions are given for this on the bottles but more so in her books and DVD's.

These two sprayers create an extra fine mist spray used to pre-wet watercolor surfaces before applying color, allowing you to blend your colors easily and work the paint longer. These sprayers are used constantly by Mrs. Scheewe.

Scheewe 2 oz. Color Sprayer MSRP $6.99     Sale $4.19
Scheewe 8 oz. Trigger Sprayer MSRP $8.79   Sale $5.29


susan scheewe sea sponges

Susan Scheewe Sea Sponges

These Sea Sponges are used to create textured effects, applying large areas washes, and absorb unwanted paint or moisture from your painting surfaces.

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Susan Scheew Sea Sponges

These are real sea sponges. With these you can produce many different effects that you can't get with regular sponges, there is a big difference. Everyone that tries these sponges never again goes back to painting without them because of the ease of creating so many effects, you really got to give it a try!

You can make the most interesting, professional looking backgrounds using these sponges that will really make your art stand out from the crowd. For example, making absolutely realistic looking rocks in a snap using these sponges. Unlike other commercially made sponges, these real sea sponges create very interesting effects. You really, really must try using these in your art work. You can instantly turn your art into looking absolutely professional in a short period of time.

These sponges can be used with both acrylic and watercolor painting styles.

Scheewe Sea Sponge 2 PAC MSRP $8.29    Sale $4.97


wax free artists transfer paper

Susan Scheewe Wax Free
Transfer Paper

This paper is used to transfer a design onto paper, wood, fabric, canvases and most other surfaces. This quality transfer paper has been specially designed for use by artists.

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Susan Scheewe Wax Free Transfer Paper

It leaves no wax residue to interfere with the acceptance of pigments. Do not confuse this with ordinary transfer papers which do not work well with artists paints. If you use ordinary transfer paper, you will find the paint peeling off your paintings in the months and years to come as paint does not stick to the wax residue. This is why you need wax free transfer paper. Six sheets of paper per package.

Wax Free Graphite Transfer Paper MSRP $15.99    Sale $9.59


Susan Scheewe artist tape

Susan Scheewe Artist Tape

This tape is used to hold paper surfaces in place as well as to create a wide range of special effects as explained in her Susan's Books. It preserves white areas without harming the surface when removed.

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Susan Scheewe Artist Tape

Not to be confused with masking tape, this works differently and is a must have for all artists. Susan uses this special made tape to block areas from paint coverage. You can remove it without damaging the art.  You should never use masking tape as masking tape leaves a residue which can be painted over but will cause your paint to left off the surface in the months and years to come.  Masking tape also will some times lift your base layers of paint right off the canvas when trying to remove it.

Susan uses this artist tape on many of her paintings.

Use with either acrylics or watercolors. 1/2 inch by 1,620 inches long.

Susan Scheewe Artist Tape MSRP $10.89    Sale $6.59


susan scheewe artist eraser

Susan Scheewe's Soft Artist Eraser

Susan's artist eraser is used to remove pencil and graphite lines from a dry painting.

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Susan Scheewe Soft Artist Erasers

This extra soft eraser is so gentle it will not abrade the surface of the paint like most other erasers. This is the perfect eraser for this job!

Scheewe Soft Artist Eraser MSRP $5.89   Sale $3.49

Susan Scheewe Texture Tips

We have placed her Texture Tips on her Mediums page with her Texture mediums.


susan Scheewe watercolor palette

Susan Scheewe Watercolor
Palette With Lid

Susan's palette has been designed for a a variety of painting styles and is ideal for all water media. This palette has plenty of space to dilute and mix colors and wells large enough to dip into the pigment with a brush or sponge.

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Susan Scheewe Watercolor Palette with Lid

There are 28 wells which meet the needs of various painting styles as well as holding a diverse mix of colors. There are three styles of wells in the palette. The palette has a clear lid which sits down over the wells of paint to keep them from drying out.  When done painting you can wash the palette out under warm water in your kitchen sink. It's easy to care for!

Watercolor Palette With Lid MSRP $16.99   Sale $10.19


scheewe sealable paint palette

Susan Scheewe Sealable Palette

This sealable palette is designed for acrylic paints but also can be used with watercolors. It easily pays for itself in paint saved. Easy to clean up when finished painting!

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Susan Scheewe Sealable Palette

Contains a convenient brush storage compartment and contains 5 sheets of palette paper. To refill, order the the palette below which is designed to fit inside the sealable tray and contains 50 sheets of palette paper.

Susan's Sealable Palette creates almost as tight a seal as a plastic food container. This sealable tray retains moisture and prevents acrylics from drying out quickly. This will keep acrylic paint fresh and workable for several days.

Scheewe Sealable Palette MSRP $24.99   Sale $14.99


susan scheewe disposable palette


Susan Scheewe Disposable Palette

Susan's disposable palette is designed for use with the Scheewe Sealable Palette above, or to be used separately. It fit's right inside the sealable palette.

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Susan Scheewe Disposable Palette

Although perfect for Sue's Acrylics, it can used with any oils or watercolors for fast and easy cleanup. This palette contains 50 sheets.

Scheewe Disposable Palette MSRP $12.89    Sale $7.79