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Tom duBois


Tom duBois picture
Graduating from Chicago's famed American Academy of Art. duBois has the gift of seeing through a child’s eyes…transforming the realistic into the fantastic.

Tom duBois is a gifted artist and critically acclaimed illustrator living in Houston, Texas.

He often shows up at gallery signings with his acoustic guitar and sings to the amazement and delight of his collectors. His previous paintings for the Disney Discovery Collection, based on five classic films, have brought him international fame.

This is a picture of a painting by Tom duBoisA true Renaissance man, duBois has merged his love of art, poetry and music into an interesting and diverse career. For each image, duBois does extensive research which even includes sewing the costumes worn by his models. He is fond of a quote by Picasso, "Every child is an artist…the problem is remaining a child once you grow up."