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Vincent Van Gogh Bio and Picture


This is a picture of Vincent Van GoghAfter a short career as a clerk in London and Paris, Van Gogh oriented himself toward a dramatic and anguished career as a painter. Van Gogh and his brother Theo, went to Paris and met Toulouse Lautrec, Bernard, and Guillein. In Paris he also saw the works of the famous Impressionists.

Van Gogh had a stormy relationship with Paul Gauguin that was worsened because of his fits of insanity.

this is a picture of a Van Goth work of artIt was only after his death that the real extent of Van Gogh's innovations in art was clearly understood. Van Gogh is now considered one of the greatest masters of modern art.





The picture shown here is a work of art by Van Gogh and shows the styly of paintings that he produced.