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Kim Norlien Bio and Picture


This is a picture of artist Kim NorlienBreathtaking realism, creativity, perseverance, as well as a personal commitment to excellence, have garnered Kim Norlien wide appeal from collectors and artists alike, and placed him among the top wildlife artists in the country.

Kim Norlien became a full time wildlife artist in 1995, and his training has spanned over twenty years. After high school, Norlien studied Commercial Art at Minneapolis Technical College where he quickly rose to the top of his class.

Following his 1997 graduation, Norlien spent the next eight years working as a commercial artist for Honeywell key lining technical manuals, cartooning, and hand drawing military scenes. However this experience did not offer much of an outlet for Norlien’s creativity.

In 1986, Norlien resigned his position at Honeywell to become a freelance illustrator. This is a picture of a painting by artist Kim NorlienHis work for national companies, including Musicland, General Mills, Carlson Companies, Honeywell, 3M and others, won him awards and national recognition.

Norlien’s experience as an illustrator broadened and deepened his technique and contributed greatly to his unique style.Norlien is known for his attention to detail.

His acrylic paintings are the result of hundreds of photographs and extensive research. Using a combination of hand painting and airbrush, each painting is lovingly hand-crafted. He hopes that people see something new in each of his paintings each time they view it.

This is a picture of a painting by artist Kim NorlienKim Norlien’s work has garnered numerous awards and honors. In 1997, he was invited to be featured as the spotlight artist for the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Art Show.

He has received Best of Show awards, including one form the National Wildlife Art Show in Kansas City, and the 1996 People’s Choice award at the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Art Show.


This is a picture of a deer painting by artist Kim Norlien


Norlien takes inspiration for his paintings from his mid-western surroundings.

He currently lives with his wife and four children in Blaine, Minnesota.