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Scott Storm Bio and Picture


This is a picture of wildlife artist Scott StormA life-long interest in drawing and sketching led Scot to venture into wildlife art. In 1987 he enjoyed his first recognition as an artist when he was awarded second place in the Minnesota duck stamp contest.

He was further acknowledged as a painter of note when he won the 1991 pheasant stamp contest in the state of Indiana.

While broadening his portfolio by entering stamp contests, Scot has created original commissioned works and currently has a number of collector print editions.

Raised in the woods and waters of northern Minnesota wilderness, Scot grew up with a studied appreciation of his natural surroundings. He enjoys this country’s forests, grassland and wetlands.

This is a picture of a painting by wildlife artist Scott Storm of raccoons in a treeHe continues to find himself venturing into it not only for field studies and photographic shoots but sometimes just for the pure enjoyment of being out in nature.

Scot spends countless hours studying the subject of his paintings, but he also devotes special attention to the detail of the environments in which they are found.

One element of he philosophy is: "wildlife art becomes more successful when you not only capture the subject’s true form but the subject’s character as it exists in authentic situations… the habitat, type of season."

The picture to the left is an example of the beatiful wildlife paintings that he does.  Each is a masterpiece of beauty and detail. 

The paintings he does show the very exact and real scenes of the wildlife to be found and enjoyed.