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Homer Winslow Bio and Picture


This is a picture of a Winslow Homer framed printFrom the rocky shores of New England and the mountains of the Adirondacks to the palms of Florida and the tropics, Winslow Homer chronicled the American experience. Born in Boston, Homer’s career began with an apprenticeship in a lithography studio.In 1861, he traveled to Virginia as an illustrator for Harper’s Weekly, recording the events of the Civil War. His vignettes of life at the front were immensely popular. After the war, Homer spent nearly a year traveling in France.

This is a picture of a painting done by Winslow Homer

Like the impressionists, Homer preferred to work outdoors and was clearly interested in the effect of light on his subjects.Homer is frequently referred to as an American Impressionist, yet his work possesses a singular style and in contrast to his French counterparts, displays an engaging sense of narrative and a uniquely straight forward approach.



this is a picture of a painting by Winslow Homer


A deft master of both oil and watercolor, the artist worked in both media throughout his career. Homer spent the last 25 years of his life in Prouts Neck, Maine. With advancing age, his work took on a more somber tone and focused on the formidable power of the ocean.