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Maine's Wyeth Painters


This is a picture of N.C. Wyeth a really famous artist. N.C. Wyeth

The Wyeth family has painted in Maine since Newell Convers ("N.C.") Wyeth (1882-1945) brought his family to the small fishing harbor of Port Clyde in 1920.

After ten years of short vacations in the area, the family moved into a modest, renovated, New England cape in 1930. Named 'Eight Bells', after the well-known painting by Winslow Homer, the cape overlooked the island-dotted Muscongus Bay to the open sea.

For N.C. Wyeth, Maine provided a seasonal respite from the ever-increasing demands of commercial illustration and the opportunity to pursue his private painting interests. Indeed, many of his best known "pure" paintings, such as Island Funeral and Bright and Fair (Eight Bells) depicts scenes in and around Port Clyde.

This is a picture of Andrew Wyeth a really famous Maine artist.Andrew Wyeth

The son of the famous illustrator N.C. Wyeth, Andrew achieved national recognition in 1940, when at the age of twenty-three he became the youngest member ever elected to the American Watercolor Society.

Around 1940 Wyeth began painting in the early Renaissance medium of egg tempera, which was popularized by Wyeth, George Tooker, Jared French, and other American realists who painted disquieting, sometimes surrealistic scenes evoking the spiritual malaise and uncertainty of the era. Throughout his career, Wyeth's reputation has centered around paintings such as Christina's World (1948; Museum of Modern Art) which pair a startlingly realistic, detailed technique and seemingly straightforward subjects with a vaguely unsettling and enigmatic aura.

Andrew Wyeth was born in 1917 has spent nearly every summer of his life in Maine, first in Port Clyde and after his marriage to Betsy James, in Cushing.

This is a picture of a painting done by Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth's most celebrated Maine paintings remain the elegiac Olson House cycle, begun in 1939 and continuing until Christina Olson and her brother, died.

An example is this famous painting by Andrew Wyeth. 

The famous old house in the picture has been fully kept up (not restored) but in exact same condition as when Wyeth made his famous paintings. This building and property is a tourist attraction and can be visited during the summer weeks.  (we only get 12 weeks of summer in Maine).  There is also the Wyeth Art Museum in Rockland were you can see lots of Wyeth's art.

There is also an absolutely wonderful not to be missed old automobile museum nearby in Rockland Maine.  Never miss the chance to go there if your in the area.  And the world famous Owls head light house is just down the road, and then there is the Rockland breakwater light house and walk way across the ocean.  And don't ever, ever take your wife to Camden, Maine or you'll never get home. RWG