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How To Do Your Own Picture Framing

How To Frame Pictures & More!

how to frame pictures

How To Frame PicturesLearn How To Frame Pictures and More!

The information found on these pages will take you to articles that will help you learn how to put puts pictures together, cut mats, and many other things about picture framing. 

All of these pages have been recently updated, new pictures added and many are new.

Reading this information should allow you to learn more about the techniques used to frame art, use tools and do many other things such as how to put picture frames together or mount art. I certainly hope you take the time to read some of this info. Much of this knowledge is required for anyone to do picture framing.

I have added lots of new information and new pictures on many pages of this web site. 

Please Notice: On many of the pages where picture framing supplies are sold, you will find How To Articles right there on the bottom of those pages. The links to your left are longer length articles not suitable for the picture framing supplies pages for one reason or another.

How To Learn Picture FramingIt has been a long endeavour for me to write the articles and take the hundreds of pictures required to produce the material now found on this site.  I hope at least some of you find some of the information useful. My intent has always been to make you a better informed customer. 

Some of my finest days in my life have been the days I spent at home, in my shop just "making something".  It could have been a picture frame, doing a drawing, or trying my hand at emulating Bob Ross at the paint board! 

My hope is that more and more people will put a side all those electronic gadgets for a little while and get back to making and doing things with their own hands. My hope is that more people will come back and learn that the most meaningful days of their life has always been the time they have spent doing things, or the time spent making things with their own hands. When you get to be 65 years old and your grand kids ask you what you done with your life, are you going to say, "oh, I spent most of my days playing with my i-pad." (or some other gadget).  I hope not!

Nothing beats making your own picture frames, painting your own picture, carving your own wood, or drawing your own drawing.  Save your attempts making things no matter how crude.  Frame or hang on your wall a few of your better attempts and you will be mighty glad you did as you get older.

Looking back on all the years I am glad of every day I spent doing and making things.   Now a days I have been spending lots of time playing my many musical instruments, framing pictures, filling orders and rewriting this web site. 

I have spent my whole life making things. It has been the best decision I ever made in my life. I have raised three wonderful kids. Got a great wife who risked all for me. I have not had to work for anyone else.  Never got rich.  Never had to go get food stamps. Never had to ask anyone else to pay my bills.  Somehow God has always supplied my every need and that alone is miracle enough for me!

Thank You for visiting this web site,
Sincerely, Reimond Grignon