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What Is Custom Picture Framing


how to frame pictures

custom framed pictureYou choose custom framing of your favorite artwork for lots of reasons.  Maybe you want to frame a favorite work of art and make it look beautiful and custom picture framing can really do that!

Items with monetary, investment or sentimental value, such as original paper artwork, require special framing techniques to prevent damage. Custom picture framing requires you to build a frame which protects artwork from dust, smoke, excess moisture, and insect damage.

Custom picture framing is much more than just sticking your photo or art into a store brought picture frame and hanging it on your wall. Custom picture framing involves you picking out the proper colors of mats, the perfect wood picture frame and even the glass and mounting procedures to be used.

choosing matboards for picture framing It takes a good knowledge of the many types of materials available to produce the custom framing job you want. For example, you may not want to use archival hinging tapes, acid free foam core boards and rag mats on you Childs newly created work of canyon art. Archival materials cost more. Yet they protect your art for many years. Archival materials don't have acid in them and don't turn yellow or brown due to the acid. Regular mat boards turn brown and leak acid into your art and will cause your art or photo to be damaged, and it don't take long. Sometimes just a few months. But these materials may be fine for children's art.

Now skip a few years and some one buys your child's art on a garage sale and discovers it was done by your child who was named Da Vince and is now worth a mint. In this case your child's art would get the best of archival materials to make this piece of priceless art last forever. See, the difference is only in the perceived value of the art.

Proper custom framing focuses and limits the eye to the picture. The right use of mats and color can make all the difference in the world as to how the finished piece will look. It is amazing the difference in looks between a green mat and a blue mat for example. Both mats pick up certain colors in the art and make a big difference in how the finished piece will look.

Custom picture framing reinforces the size of the piece, and serves as a transition between the picture and the wall on which it hangs. Not only do you have to think about the picture when you decide on custom picture framing, but you need to think about the wall you will most likely hang your framed art on. If you have dark walls, the finished piece will look much different than if it was hung on a bright or even white wall. This all has to be taken into consideration when decide to have your art custom framed or do it yourself.

You need to do a framing job that will keep your art looking fresh, clean, and attractive for many years. You need to frame your most interesting objects or art and display them in a way that will really do them justice. You need to choose the right combination of frames, mats, framing that will make your art a focal point in your home or office. You want to make your art something that draws peoples attention!

Custom framing can really add distinction to any ones décor. Many people can readily tell when pictures and prints have been custom framed. Put some nice custom-framed pieces of art in your kitchen and living rooms and you will soon notice that people really NOTICE! Almost everyone notices fine art that has been properly hung on your walls. It is really something when you can say you did it yourself! Our Goal on this web site is to make that goal happen for you.

You may want to frame your art with preservation in mind so it will look like new for years to come! If you own art there are two things you need to know. Not all artwork is alike. If you have art that you want preserved for many years to come you need to frame the art with the proper materials so it will not deteriorate. So, how do you decide when and how to care for your artwork?

The answer to that question is complex. How the artwork was created, where it has been and under what conditions, and what kind of care or treatment it has received all affect its future care. The more you know, the better care you can give. This care starts with your decision to frame and display your art.

If decorative qualities-color, style, design-are your most important considerations, then you may choose framing materials and techniques based solely on your decorating needs.

If the longevity and preservation of your art is your primary concern, then the selection of framing materials and techniques must all be directed toward preservation by using archival mats and materials.

The materials used to frame your artwork have a direct effect on it. The type of matting used, the materials used to mount the artwork, and even the glass in the frame are all important.

Custom picture framing means picking the right combination of frames, mats, backing, glass, and other materials. Then maybe even having fun by framing it yourself!

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