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Ordering Info


Notice: We no longer ship to Canada, Alaska or any place outside the 49 other USA States

Ordering and Shipping Information

Please Notice!

When you make an order, then go to the shopping cart to fill out your name and info you are dealing with a bank shopping cart system, not us.  Security is extremely high right now!   Make sure you fill out all your information very carefully.  Look it over twice. If you make a mistake in your name, address or anywhere, your order may not go though and you may not get a second chance unless you wait 24 hours. In no way will they allow you to make a duplicate order either. This applies to any web site shopping cart system, not just ours.

We do not Sell, Rent, or Share your Name or Contact Information with any other Company, or Person Ever! We do not store your credit card information on our computers ever! Your transactions with our company is completely safe. We value your Privacy and Friendship.

Please Notice:
After placing an order with us, your credit card statement will read; order placed from "Grignons Studio LLC".

Notice: Most of you will find the answers you seek here. Scroll down this page and look at the red fields before you e-mail us.

Ordering Info!

We no longer ship UPS. All orders are now shipped via USPS

We don't have a minimum order amount, but we do have a minimum shipping fee due to shipping, boxing and the credit card fees charged us.

On USPS orders you will NOT get any tracking info, nor do we e-mail you when we ship your order.

To find out about the status of orders use the contact us link on this page and on the page it takes you to, you will find info about orders and contacting us. This works fine for most people. Those that need further help can use the link on that page to e-mail us.

When you make an order from us using our shopping cart system, the bank will send a receipt of your order to your e-mail box. This is the only receipt you will get. When we pack your order there is no receipt enclosed. The box will have your order number marked on the label of the box. This system has worked perfectly to date.

All our products are shipped to you in study boxes, securely wrapped and packed. We have had many years of practice and we guarantee the items will arrive to you in good condition.

Please, double check your addresses! If you give us the wrong address, or wish to change an address, UPS charges up to $20.00 to intercept and make that change, and we are forced to pass this charge onto you via another credit card transaction. Please get your mailing address right the first time for the carrier you pick to use. To date, I still can't believe how many people can fill out a simple order form with their incorrect address! It's totally unreal!

Go ahead and feel free to play with our shopping cart system:

Try it out, you may back out of an order at any time, cancel orders, change orders. It is all very easy and you may rest assured that our order system is very, very secure. You can play with our shopping cart system and make a few dummy orders to learn how to use it, and you can do all this without using any credit card, or customer information. When finished just empty your shopping cart. Ordering from us is very easy and simple to do.


We work hard to keep all items constantly available. Sometimes it is hard when our suppliers run out of stock and delay shipments to us. We try to stock enough of all items but sometimes it is very hard to get some of the items we sell. Some of the items we sell on this web site are very difficult to obtain. When we run out of an item, we try to immediately put an out of stock notice on this web site right under that item. We would advise not ordering these items until we remove the out of stock notice.

What Happens when you order from us:

When you enter your credit card information, and click the order button, you are now dealing directly with our banking system. They are the ones who are automatically processing your information NOT US or our web site. This is the safest way possible and is now being used by most web sites. Forget trying to order anything using declined or fraudulent credit cards because it just won't work. You are dealing with a bank, not us or our web site. We do not handle your money or the financial transaction. We only fill the orders and ship them.

When you click the final "order" button your order is encrypted and sent to our bank shopping cart system encrypted. You should also receive an automatic confirmation e-mail from our banks shopping cart system. You will not receive another e-mail from us. We try to fill all orders as fast as possible. Usually within two or three days.

Please give us your phone number on the order blank:

We don't give out any information about any of our customers to anyone. We use this only to call you if we have to, only about your order.

To order our products we strongly recommend the use of a credit card and using our shopping cart system. It is the most secure way to order. It is even more secure than ordering over the phone. This measure actually protects you! When you order on-line you get a paper trail with your order number and a receipt from the shopping cart system.

When you place your order online, it is sent encrypted to our bank and is very, very secure. You do not ever have to worry about any of your information being stored on our computers, because none of your information is ever stored on our computers on in any of our files anywhere. No one can get your information from our computers or our web site or our web site host provider because that information just plain isn't there. It just cannot be done. No one can hack into our system and steal something that doesn't exist. We do not store your e-mail address, your name, your address, Nothing!

By PhoneThink about this!

Everyone is going to cell phones:  If you call up someone to place your order, you just may be talking to someone, taking your order in a little note book while fishing in the middle of Moosehead Lake,-- due to the fact that everyone is going to cell phones...Land lines are quickly disappearing... and anyone with a couple of hundred dollars to spend can buy a device that will allow a hacker to listen into a cell phone conversation.

Do you realize what happens when you Call to place your orders?  That person has to write all the info down and then maybe pass it off to someone else, elc.

THAN, because web site shopping cart systems now work so well on web sites, most businesses now just take your info and go straight on-line to the web site and place your order for you. Something YOU SHOULD be doing YOURSELF and you haveing complete control over! When you call to place an order you are just giving your job to someone else! That person could have made a mistake copying down anything you told him on the phone!  You need to be doing this stuff yourself from now on. Get smart! Learn to make your own orders online! It is time for you to get over your insecurity about ordering online. 

Via E-mail

We do not recommend E-mail, as that is not a secure way to send credit card numbers.

Do you ship ups next day or 2nd day ? We no longer ship anything UPS

Our phone number is 207-487-2754

We strongly reccomend USPS  Almost all Orders that weight more than just 13 ounces automatically leave here via USPS 2 day prioity mail. 

When will my credit card be billed?

You credit card is billed via our bank shopping cart system at the time you place the order. This is the most secure transaction available. When you place an order, your order is processed by our bank. You do not have to worry about anyone else seeing your credit card information.  Our shopping cart system is the most secure way of doing business on the Internet.

I made a mistake or maybe sent the order twice, what can I do?

Try not to do that! But if you do, don't fret!  Just e-mail us the same day, or call us. Our e-mail box is always checked at the same time we download orders. We then log into our shopping cart bank account and refund your money on the duplicate order.

We of course lose money on both the transaction coming and going and don't charge you for the loss, so please try hard not to make this mistake. You never have to worry about your funds with our company, even if for some reason you don't hear from us for a couple of days such as over the weekend. We always work with our customers, ALL the time. It is our policy forever! You don't have to ever worry about your funds or orders placed with us!

Can I call later and add items to an order?

No, you have used a shopping cart system as found on many web sites to place your order.  Once an order is placed you cannot add to an existing order without you or us going online to make a new order for you and this incures a new order which includes a new shipping fee. This is the deal on any web transaction on any web site.  You must make sure you order everything you need before you finize your orders.  remember, you are dealing with a bank shopping cart system, NOT US and there is nothing we can do to add to your orders unless we go online and make a new order for you and that  you should be doing yourself.

What if a order gets lost or broken?

When you order products from us you can be assured of getting a really nice product. We will take care of these problems as they arise, just e-mail us. We're easy to get along with!

The orders are well packed and breakage has not been a real problem for us. If you receive a box that is very badly damaged, i.e. completely flat for example, or with holes completely through it, we suggest you do not accept it from the UPS man. Give them the devil.....

Can I return an order?

Yes. But we refund ONLY the cost of the goods you have ordered. Shipping by us to you, and you to us is not refundable. Shipping is a service that has already been paid for. All refunds must take place within 30 days of you PLACING the order, (not from the time you receive it). Your orders are placed with our banks shopping cart system. After 30 days NO refunds are given on any order, most shopping carts and banks are not allowed to hold these transactions over 30 days and after that your order has been deleted from the banks system to insure your safety.

If you have a problem with your order, PLEASE e-mail or call us first before you call your credit card company. They will only tell you to do this anyway! If you can't get a hold of us for some reason, just e-mail us and we will soon get to you. We are not open on week ends.

We bend over backwards to make our customers happy. We can refund money into your account as easily as you paid it out to us and this can happen immediately upon you contacting us.

We are easy to get along with!

If you are mad about something (hopefully not with us) Wait! don't ever call a company in this state of mind.

Dumb stupid remarks and anger never gets anyone anywhere! Wait a while until you can talk with someone in a very nice tone of voice and be very kind. Almost ALL companies want your business and want to work with you and want to be your friend. Be professional and polite, it will take you everywhere you want to go in this world!

Shipping Fees: USA and Overseas

Shipping Fees are NON Refundable! You will be notified by e-mail before any extra charges are made. You may e-mail us back and opt out of an order anytime before it has been shipped.

Notice: We no longer ship to Canada, Alaska or any place outside the 49 other USA States