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Hot Linking and Stealing Pictures


Computers are getting more and more sophisticated all the time. When you down load, steal or hot link a picture from this web site or ANY other web site on the Internet, your computer will leave it's numerical address in the servers log files and tell the web master exactly what computer took the picture you down loaded!

The log files will also leave your computers address telling us or ANY other web site owner exactly which computer down loaded the picture, right to the very computer that took the picture.

Please keep the points made below in mind when trying to download the images or "hot linking" the pictures from our web site to another web site.  Hot linking is stealing! Hot linking costs us lots every month in paying for the extra band width. A number of sites have already been caught hot linking our pictures. 

don't hot link picturesOur pictures are now tracked.  If you have desire to hot link our pictures our pictures to your web site, or steal them you really should think twice.

For example, see the nice image I have here about one of our products.  Nice picture isn't it!  So  you decide to hot link this image to your site.  After you have done so it will show up nicely on your site.  But all of our images are now tracked.  Do you check your pages and images every single day?  When your customer next sees your page, unbeknownst to you he just may be looking at your page with this image on it. Go ahead and click that link.

Nice picture isn't it. Would look nice, but I assure you that when hot linked pictures are found, the image your customer sees won't be very nice and you won't even be aware of it.  If you want to use our pictures, please ask for them.  It is as simple as that.

Every computer including yours has it own individual IP address. It is true that the web master may not be able to prove who was the person that stole the picture but they can prove which computer did the deed right to the computer. The US court of law have determined that the computer owner is liable for this theft. This means that if you own a computer and your son sits down at midnight stealing pictures or music files. Sometime, someone out there just may decide to prosecute the computers owner in a court of law. Many private individuals found this out when they were prosecuted for down loading music files this very way! You really can't down load information from the internet with out the web sites log files giving you away. Keep this in mind and explain it to your kids.

Computers are now so smart you can't just steal a picture and use it without being found out sooner or later. For example, say you down load a picture off someone's web site. You take that picture and rename it and use it on your web site. The original web site's web master can still find it and prove it's theirs in any court of law.

You can take that picture and crop out just a piece of it, slice it up anyway you want, and it can still be proven its their picture even if you use only a tiny portion of the picture. You can mirror the picture or whatever, it can still be proven it belongs to the original owner because computers can now determine this because of the information found in every single pixel of the picture. You just can't get anyway with stealing pictures anymore. This even works for music files and text files. Pictures are the easiest of all to prove ownership because is now so easy to copyright protect them.

If you download text and copy and paste it to your web site, computers are now able to even find out about much of this theft.  It is now possible to go online and use computer programs to check the entire web for people who have stolen the text of even pieces of it off a web site to use on another web site.

The above assumes that nothing has been added to the pictures or text to make it track able.

But now most web site owners are also using digital coding in both the text and images. The text and images are digitally coded and can be traced to the very computer downloading the material using Digimarc's Watermark Technology. Digimarc's MarcSpider's search engine constantly crawls though the web searching the Internet for web masters material. This spider works great and will eventually find every site out there which has the web masters material on it.

The Text and images on this web site are protected by federal copyright registration and any unauthorized use is a Federal offense with penalties of up to $150,000.

Unauthorized use includes any copying of the text and images from this site. Our text and images are also tagged and can be traced by Digimarc's Tracking Service. Your cooperation will enable us to continue to provide the images, text and materials at this site. It is so easy to track stolen images now that we don't even bother to protect them on our sites using protection scripts.

Please respect the images on this site by not stealing them, so that we may keep them here and continue to provide you with this information. If your desperate to get a picture off our site, please call us, we can help.

If you want to use our pictures, please ask for them.  It is as simple as that.

Honestly, it is the best policy. Honesty that is!