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Picture Frame Moulding Samples

The picture frame mouldings on this web site ARE true wholesale factory direct sale prices.  No one, professional frame shop or any other customer can buy them cheaper than right here from this web site.  We offer the lowest prices possible on all the picture frame mouldings we stock.

We are making picture frame moulding samples available for all our mouldings for those that want to see our mouldings first hand. It is also nice to have at least one sample and use this sample to adjust your computer screen to look as much like that sample as possible. Then when you look at the rest of our mouldings on your computer, you will see much more realistic colors.

We offer three inch pieces of our moldings for .95 each piece for any picture frame sample. To order the samples use the link below.

Don't order more than 12 samples without hitting the add to cart button. To order more just come back, clear the spaces and order more if wanted. Space on the order blank works best when kept under 14 samples and anything over that won't work at all, or at least we can't see them, So make sure you don't order more than 12 samples at a time, with out hitting the add to cart button before ordering more.

You can order as many samples as you want this way, just never more than 12 at a time before hitting the add to cart button! This is very important.

You don't have to place any credit card info to play with the cart to learn how to use it! Just empty your cart and start over to make your final order.  Most people who write me for help have never tried using the shopping cart.  Play with it a bit and it becomes super easy. And remember, coming back can require hitting the back button more than once.   This web site has been set up to make the back button work really good.

When you are looking around at our frames, you need to write down the picture frame numbers of the ones you are interested in getting samples of. Enter those numbers below in the first box. This system works really well and many are taking advantage of this.

Enter Sample Product Numbers Here, separated by a comma, No more than 12 at a time,
example: FC122, FC123, FC124 and so forth:

To make the system work you must enter a 0.95 in the next box. and don't forget the period and the zero. It must be exactly like the above. (This is all you have to do)

Just enter the following you see here in into the box 0.95

Then Enter how many samples you are ordering right now:

Because you are usually ordering a bunch of samples at a time. I have set this order form up, so that it takes you to the cart every time. This way you can look and see that this form has worked, while the samples you have ordered are still fresh in your mind.  Just use the back button to come back here. 

When you go to the shopping cart and decide to make changes, Please wait until you are finished shopping to make any changes in the shopping cart, or your back button might not work properly.

(If you make changes in your shopping cart right now, you may have to hit the back button multiply times and you also have to learn to disregard any shopping cart pages you see coming back. It is nicer to wait until you are done shopping to make changes)


Please understand that mouldings can and do go out of stock and or get discontinued by our manufactor. Just because you hold samples doesn't mean we will have them in the future. We do not list or sell you any out of stock moulding samples! We also usually include extras in your order (our choice) to help offset your shipping costs.

Thank You for visiting this web site,