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How To Order Picture Frames


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How to order Picture Frame Moulding

On this web site you can order any size picture frame you need. Even any odd sizes such as 16 1/4 x 21 1/2.

It is really easy to order our wholesale picture frame chops and learn to put them together.  There are links to all the information and materials you need.


Ordering A Picture Frame Is So Simple!

On this web site you can order any size of picture frame molding you desire from a 6 x 6 up to 36 by 36 inches.   Anything over that size you should not use the web site, but E-Mail us first as to availability. 

Notice: All mouldings over 30 inches MUST go UPS and You MUST choose UPS shipping on Checkout. Maximum moulding length cut is 36 inches. No mouldings cut over 36 inches!

To order any size picture frame from us is really very easy.  Many people order this way from us every week. 

All you need to know to order any picture frame is:

  1. The moulding number
  2. The price per foot
  3. The size you want
  4. The united inches of the frame, to get the footage required to build your frame.

You already got the first three!  Well all you need to learn is how to get number 4 above, to order any picture frame on this web site now or in the future.  It is really easy! You won't forget how and may never need to come back to this page again!

You can order any size or type of picture frame you need in just a couple of minutes after you do it the first time. It is so easy and so many people are doing this that I have shortened the instructions for ordering.

The first thing you need to know:

Every moulding is priced by the Price Per Foot shown on the individual moulding pages.  You need to know the moulding number and the price per foot.  You did write it down didn't you?

Please keep in mind it may take you 10 minutes to learn to do this on the first picture frame. But the next time you will do it almost instantly and you won't forget how. In fact you might not even come back to this page again.  You'll be an instant Pro!

So Lets Do It:

Step 1  Find your moulding!
Go to the moulding pages, find the moulding that you want and write down on a piece of paper the Moulding Number, the Price Per Foot, and the Size of Picture Frame you want. Do this and steps number 1,2,3 above are done!

On each individual moulding page there is a Moulding number and a Price Per Foot Shown

Let's say you want FC999 cut to 16 1/4 x 21 1/2  (it can be any size you want)

Step  2 Understand your size!
When you order picture frames of any size, you are ordering what is called the united inch size, or some call it the glass size. 

That is: if you take anything you want to frame, and imagine putting a piece of glass on top and you wanted to put the whole works into a picture frame, that is what you are ordering, that glass size because that glass must fit into the frame.

Example: Lets say you want a frame to fit a 11 x 14 matted print.  You would order a 11 x 14 frame.  Simple enough!

What you receive is picture frame moulding cut to 11 1/8 x 14 1/8.  All picture frames are automatically cut 1/8 over size to allow the materials to fit inside it when you go to put everything together.  You DON'T order the over size, it is done automatically.  For example, every 8 x10 picture frame you see in a store does not measure 8 x 10.  They all measure exactly 8 1/8 x 10 1/8.  They are all cut 1/8 inch over size automatically. The same rule applies to ALL OTHER SIZES you see in a store or frame shop. They are all cut 1/8 inch over size.

So if you order a picture frame 8 x 10 you actually get 8 1/8 x 10 1/8.   If you order a picture frame 8 1/8 x 10 1/8 you are going to get a frame that measures 8 1/4 x 10 1/4. (the 1/8 inch extra is automatically applied every time on every frame)

If for some reason you want a picture frame cut to an absolute exact size. (almost never happens)  You must state so in the customer comments box found when filling out your credit card info, when doing your order. Anything you write in that comments box is right there on the order.  In fact, it is better to write instructions there, then it is to use e-mail, because it is sure to be seen when placed right there on the order.

Step 3  Figure out your United Inches. 

Every piece of glass, picture frames or mat boards are priced using what is called the United Inch. You must get familiar with united inches.  It is a very simple thing to know. Every picture framer knows what United Inches means! When you know United Inches you can communicate with any picture framer anywhere!

To find the united inch of any piece of glass, picture frame or mat, all you do is add one short side and one long side together.  It is that simple!  (You DON'T add all four sides)

So, how many united inches are there in an 8x10 picture frame? 18 of course!  (add one short side and one long side).  A 16 x 20 is 36 united inches. You always add one long side and one short side together to get the united inches. If both sides are the same for example a 10 x 10, you just add the two together to get the 20 united inches in this case.

To find the united inches is just this simple!  But what if you want a  picture frame that measures 10 1/8 x 20 1/4.  What is the united inches of that frame?  32 of course.  All you do is round up each side to the next inch and add the two together.  Rounding up this frame would be 11 x 21 and added together this makes 32 united inches.  It is just that simple to find your united inches.  

Another example: A 10 1/8 by 10 inch picture frame is 21 united inches.  (this is not a mistake, do you know why?)

So add the long side and the short side of your picture frame together.  Round up any sides if necessary, and get your united inches and write that down on your piece of paper.

Your piece of  paper should now read something like this.

I want an FC999 cut to 16 1/4 x 21 1/2 that is $4.00 per foot and this moulding has 39 united inches in it. 
(Do you agree with this?  Do you know how I got the 39 united inches?)

You need to know how to get everything in the sentence above before you can order a custom cut picture frame and you should have it wrote down.

Remember the first three things you already know. This whole page was taken up with just telling you how to add two sides of the frame together to get the united inches. This couldn't be much simpler. That is adding two sides together!

All you really learned here is the knowledge of what UNITED INCHES ARE and how to get them.

Now, knowing that, you may never need to come back to this page again!

You are now almost ready to order.

Now you need to know how to use the United Inches figure you came up with for your picture frame, to find out how many feet of moulding your picture frame requires. This is just too simple too! You don't even have to add anything!

To do that you now just click on the Moulding Charts Page Link on the top left of this page.

Notice: I put the moulding charts page and the Quick Frame Ordering link on all the other pages too, just so you won't have to come back to this page over and over. Once you have learned how to order a picture frame you won't want to have to keep coming back here again.  In fact after a couple of orders it is so easy you may never be back!

One more thing.  Please don't e-mail me about the stuff on this page.  I have re-read this page multiply times and I cannot explain this to you any better by e-mail or on the phone.  If you can't understand it here, please get someone else in your family to look at this page and they will show you how to do this.  Seriously!