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How To Choose A Picture Frame


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How To Choose A
Picture Frame Moulding?

You need to decide which picture frame moulding you want. First you should consider the basic color groups you think would work on the picture you want to frame, and the that goes with the colors of your walls.

Looking at your picture, what color group do you think would go best with your picture?  Gold, walnut, oak, elc.? This makes it easier to decide.  Once a color group is decided you will find many mouldings that work well. This method is the fastest and works pretty well.

If you are framing a painting done on a canvas you might want the frame rappet to be deep enough to take in the whole depth of the canvas. Otherwise, the canvas will stick out a little on the back of the frame and the frame will not set quite flush with the wall.

This doesn't bother many folks and they use our offset clips to secure their canvases into the frames.

There are frames on our site that are deep enough to take in the whole canvas. The rappet depths are given for each picture frame moulding. Use these as guide lines to choose your molding. That said, all picture frame mouldings deep enough for a canvas can also be used for any other picture such as a matted print.

  • You also need to consider the size of the picture you are framing

  • Any picture frame up to 11 by 14 inches can use any of our picture frame mouldings.

  • Any picture frame from 11 by 14 up to 20 by 24 inches needs at least a 1 inch wide wood picture frame moulding, or wider.

  • Any picture frame over 20 by 24 inches needs a 1 1/4 inch or wider picture frame moulding.

  • Any picture frame over 30 inches is best served by a 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch wide picture frame moulding.

  • You need the thickness above to get a picture frame strong enough to be capable of holding your art, glass and backing materials.

  • Be Sure of what you want.  Order samples! There is a no refund policy on cut picture frame moulding. Even professionals cannot return cut picture frame chops. Once a picture frame moulding is cut it is gone.

Notice: All mouldings over 30 inches MUST go UPS and You MUST choose UPS shipping on Checkout. Maximum moulding length cut is 36 inches. No mouldings cut over 36 inches!