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For Returning Customers
Just scroll this page down a bit to get to the Quick Order Fields.

When you order the frames, if your figures are correct we just go ahead and cut the chops and ship them to you. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

Please note: your measurements will go into our shop framing computer which will automatically figure out how much moulding is required right down to the last inch and the exact price.

This is a total honor system, but as stated above - our shop computer will verify the frame price you entered. If you are off a little we let it go.  If you are off a lot we let you know.

Play with this system and order several frames, you don't even have to enter your credit card info. Then just empty your shopping cart and start over. This is the fastest way to learn that first time. Don't be afraid of playing with the shopping cart!  I can't stress this enough!

(Note: If you decide you still need further help, There are field entry descriptions for the order boxes down below the add to cart button. Just scroll down this page.}

  • Notice: When you make your frame order you are ordering chops. You have to put the picture frame corners together yourself as per instuctions on this site.
  • Please allow 4 to 8 day lead time on all picture frame chops.
  • Please Do NOT Order Out Of Stock mouldings.
  • Maximum moulding Length of any picture frame chop we make is 50 inches.
  • For Longer lengths E-Mail us first as to availability
  • Be Sure of what you want. Picture frame moulding is non-refundable
  • Moulding Sample Owners.  Make sure the moulding is in stock and your price is correct by taking a quick peek at the large moulding page before ordering.
  • Our wholesale mouldings cannot be ordered cheaper by a professional or anyone else.  Our prices ARE factory direct wholesale prices!
  • Notice: All mouldings over 30 inches MUST go UPS and You MUST choose UPS shipping on Checkout. Maximum moulding length cut is 36 inches. No mouldings cut over 36 inches!

Out of Stock Mouldings:  Please do not order O/S Mouldings


Important: Please use American standard numbers

The Second Box below: Enter like so, 12 1/2 by 16 1/2 (Do not use decimals or metric numbers)
To order picture frame chops, use the boxes below. You will receive picture frame chops ready for you to put together just like a professional frame shop.

Enter Picture Frame Product Number Here:

Enter The Exact Glass Size of Picture Frame Wanted:

Enter the total Frame Price, You Came Up With Using The Moulding Charts Page.
Use NO dollar sign:

Enter here how many of each frame you want:

Notice: Do not use words in boxes 3 and 4
, use 2 or 3 elc... The last box tells us if you want just one frame, (enter a 1 ) or 2 or more of the exact same frame. To order more different frames or different sizes: Click the add to cart button to order this frame, then come back and clear all fields and start over with the next frame.

Only click add to cart button once, or it will multiply your order. (Which you can fix later in your shopping cart.  You can always change amounts in your shopping cart.)

Again: To order more different frames: After ordering the first one, clear or change all boxes, then click the add to cart button again.

Note: Your are pricing your own picture frame chops, but we check each one. Don't cheat! We use our computer to price the picture frame chops. In the past we have been forgiving, but now that we are offering mouldings at factory direct prices we have to be quite careful and we reserve the right to correct your prices if necessary.

Tip: Use the customer comments box when checking out for any info we might need or changes you want to make.  ANYTHING wrote in that box is seen right there on the order work sheet when we print out and fill your order. It's better than E-Mail for short notes or changes as it is right on the actual order.

For more help: To see Complete Field Entry Descriptions for the picture frame ordering boxes above - scroll down this page.


Complete Field Entry Descriptions for the Picture Frame Ordering Boxes above.

Box #1. Picture frame product numbers are found on every moulding page.
Example, you would enter in the box:    FC235

Box #2. Enter Size of pictures wanted like this: 8x10, or 8 1/16 x 12 5/8

DO NOT enter like this: 10 and one half by 16 and one third (use no words)
DO NOT enter like this: 10.4 x 12.5   Those numbers are meaningless to us.

Box #3. Enter the price of the frame you came up with like this:     24.52
DO NOT use the dollar sign; and DO NOT enter like this, 24 dollars and fifty cents.

Box #4. Enter the number of the exact same frames you want like this:     1
You can enter any amount you want such as 2, 4, 5, and so forth. NO WORDS

Maybe you want two or more identical frames. Enter amount wanted in the box.

If you want any frame to be any different, or different frames, you must redo ALL the field entries, then hit the add to cart button again for each different frame you want.

Notice: This box 4 must be entered with a number just like this:     2     no words

You cannot use words like this: two, three, elc. or the whole system will not work at all.  If you order a frame and the shopping cart shows that the frame is FREE this is why.  Trust us, you are not going to get a free frame because of a wrong entry!

The above system works very, very well. You will have no difficulties with it if you have entered the information correctly. Let us know if you have any problems. Hundreds of people are ordering from us with no problems!

If you are having any problems, you can call us and we will take your order over the phone but no phone is as secure as a shopping cart system! Use a shopping cart on orders!  There are too many cell phones today! Shopping carts are much more secure and give you a paper trail. This applies to ANY web site!

Play with the shopping cart!  Make a few sample orders, then just empty it out when done. I can't stress doing this enough!  Find out how easy it is to order picture frames from us! Try our system out using any frame and sizes you want to try. See how easy the system works! You can try it all out and when done, just empty your shopping cart, you don't have to actually buy anything, or even give us your credit card information to try the system out. It couldn't be any simpler to order any special size picture frame!


NOTICE:  The box below is a special order box for people that owe us money and want to make a payment to us, without having a shipping fee applied to that payment.  This box is normally not used by our customers for anything unless they call us first.  It is just a convient  box for us and a customer to make a change to customer order.  Any use of the order box below will result in a charge being placed to your credit card just like any other order found on our web site.


Enter in this field any item numbers you may have to enter :

Use this field like the top one above for more room or leave blank:

Enter the amount of of money you owe us in the box below.
Use NO dollar sign.  (Example) 19.87

Enter in this box the number 1, just like you see it here 1

Notice: Words are allowed in boxes 1 and 2.  DO NOT use words in boxes 3 and 4
, use 2 or 3 elc... Click the add to cart button to pay your bill. Shipping charges are not applied to this payment.