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Wholesale Wood Picture Frame FC294


Wholesale Wood Picture Frame FC294

Gold Leaf with Compo

This Picture Frame Moulding is 2 1/2 inches wide with a 11/16 inch Deep Rabbet
Top picture is most accurate color - Perfect For Canvas Paintings

wholesale picture frames

wholesale wood picture frames wholesale picture frame moulding

Factory Direct Wholesale Price

All our picture frame chops are being sold at the same wholesale prices professional framers pay. Retail prices average 3 to 5 times higher at most picture frame shops.

Notice: When you make your frame order you are ordering chops only. You have to put the picture frame corners together yourself as per instuctions on this web site.

Moulding FC294  Chopped To Your Specifications! - Price $7.85 per foot

You must write down the moulding number and the price above, then click on the How To Order Custom Cut Moulding link on the left side of this page and follow directions given. It is super easy to order any size picture frame you need!

If you want to see the moulding first, it is recommended that you should order a sample piece. All moulding colors may vary slightly from shipment to shipment and sometimes stick to stick! The images on this web site may vary slightly from the actual mouldings but we try to make images match as close as possible. These are high quality images. It is recommended that you order a sample if in doubt.

In almost all cases, the top big picture is the most accurate photo for color. Use the two bottom images to show you the shapes. Order Samples!

Please Note: You may order a sample of this moulding using the link below, but the best way to order samples is by using our moulding sample order page where you can order many samples all at once. The link shown here is fully functional, but is only used on just a few pages because one of our advertisers asked for the link to be placed here. You can order samples of any of our mouldings using the moulding sample order page.

FC294 3 inch Moulding Sample $.95

See all our mouldings using the link at the top left of this page.  You can buy wholesale moulding chops and samples just like a professional and learn to put your own picture frames together using the hundreds of materials, mouldings and great How To information found on this web site. This is the number one web site for the home owner wishing to make their own picture frames.

Please make a book mark and return again. We thank you in advance for your orders, helping us to grow, and to better serve your needs in the future.