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Notice: We no longer ship to Canada, or Alaska or any other Country. Only The USA

On this web site you may purchase all the picture frame supplies the home picture framer needs. We are sure that you can easily frame your own pictures, learn how to make your own picture frames, and have a wonderful time while doing it. This web site is geared to showing you how to do things yourself. We want you to learn new things and have fun while your at it. You can do it! That's our motto here at Grignon's Art and Frame. The home picture framer will find everything they need on this web site.

Picture Frame Supplies Listed By Common Use Below

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Art and Picture Framing Tapes

New Update: Prices Slashed on Art Prints See notice at bottom of this page

Archival Document and Mending Tapes and Tissues
Adhesive Transfer Tape - ATG Tape
Art Mounting Strips
ATG Transfer Tape Guns
Hinging Tapes
Picture Framing Tapes

Bump-On's and Accessories

Cork Bump-On's
Felt Pads
Rubber Bump-On's


Adhesive Removers
Glass Cleaners
Plastic & Pexi-Glass Cleaners

Easel Backs

Easel Backs
Turn Buttons

Finishing Tools and Materials

Backing Paper
Canvas Pliers
Corner Protectors
Fitting Tools
Glass and Plastic Cutters
Turn Buttons
Trim Knives
Point Drivers
Push Mates and Push Points

Specialty Tools

ATG Tape Guns
Canvas Pliers
Pliers, Measures
Blade Scrapers
All Purpose Quick Cutters

Glass Cutters
Rubber Rollers
Zippy Cutters

Frame Working Tools and Materials

Burnishing Bones
Brads, Pins, and Nails
Brass Repair Plates
Corner Markers
Nail Hole Fillers
Picture Frame Glue
Picture Frame Vises
Picture Frame Corner Clamps
Push Mates
Rub and Buff
Real Picture Framing Nails
V- Nails

Wholesale Picture Frame Mouldings


Antique Style Hangers
Brass Triangle Hangers

Brick Clips
Child Proof Picture Hangers
Conventional Picture Hangers

Cup Hooks and Suction Cups
Decorative Picture Hangers
Earthquake Proof Picture Hangers
Foam Board - Cardboard Hangers
Gummed Cloth Hangers
Keyhole Hangers
Pressure Sensitive Plastic Hangers
Prong Hangers
Sawtooth Hangers
Screw Eyes
Strap Hangers
Steel Hard Wall Hangers
Magnetic Hangers
Mighty Hangers
Moulding Hooks
Wall Hugger Hangers


Security Hangers

Hotel Kits - Security Hangers
Child Proof and Earthquake Proof Hangers
Interlocking Security Hangers



Brass Mending Plates
Corner Angles
Offset Clips
Screw Eyes and Accessories (the twirler, awl)
Stretcher Bar Clips
Turn Buttons

Matting Tools

ATG Pickup Eraser
Burnishing Bones
Mat Files

Mounting Materials

Art Mounting Strips
Dry Mounting Adhesive
Fabric Mounting Glue
Mounting Glues and Sprays
Photo Mounting Corners
Glassy Clear Print Bags
Rubber Rollers
Stretcher Bar Clips
Spray Adhesives
Spray Varnish


Brads, Pins, and Nails
Brass Decorative Nails
Brass Escutcheon Pins
Push Pins

Point Drivers and Point Driver Nails
Real Picture Framing Nails
V Nails

Packaging and Shipping Materials

Fiberglass Reinforced Tape
Package Sealing Tape
Tape Guns
Wide Label Protection Tape

Picture Frame Corner Protectors

Picture Framing Kits

Gold and Silver Leafing Kits
Home owners Hardware Kits
Start-Up Picture Framing Kit

Sprays and Glues

Spray Varnish and Protectors
Spray Adhesives
Picture Frame Glue



Bulk Wire Rolls
Teflon Coated Wire
Wire Caddys
Wire Coils
Wire Coils with Screw Eyes

Wholesale Picture Frame Mouldings Click Here

For too long home picture framers have not been able to get the picture framing supplies or tools they need to frame pictures themselves, and when they did, they could only buy supplies in large quantities that they could never use. We sell all the picture framing supplies that a professional uses and the home framer needs.

We also offer wholesale picture frame mouldings. Now the home picture framer can get chops cut just like the professional picture framer does. In fact, we cut chops for professional frame shops, now the home framer can use our services too. Enjoy our site, look around and have fun. Maybe you have always wanted to put some of your own pictures together. Now you can!

Art Prints: New Update 1/22/2017 All our art print prices have been slashed

Our prices are so low that someone out there in the right place could make a really good business of buying our low price prints, framing them and selling them and make a huge profit....

Our prices can't be beat.. These prints are to be continually marked down until sold even to going as low as Free (actually .01 cent to make the cart work) ..... Some prints have already been given away for .01 cent.

No joke...All our prints must go... we have many more to put on this web site to be gotten rid of. We will put more on at our next update.

Our Art Prints page is click here...

Notice: We no longer ship to Canada, Alaska or any place outside the 49 other USA States

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Sincerely, Reimond Grignon