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adhesive removerOn this web site you can purchase adhesive removers that are ideal for the removal of adhesives such as our 3M Adhesive Remover. This product removes all greases and tars and many glues.

3M Adhesive Remover removes adhesive residue, heavy oils, grease, silicone, tar and grim.

Specially formulated to remove 3M products such as 3M Super 77 spray, 3M Spray Mount, 3M Photo Mount, 3M Spra-Ment and others.

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3M Adhesive Remover

It should be tried on a very small area of your items first to make sure you don't ruin an item.

The very first thing you should do is to test the compatibility of your surface to assure the product will not attack the surface of your item.  This product will attack some plastics.

This is a spray can.  You should thoroughly coat the adhesive residue with a coat of spray from the can.  Then wait a few minutes for the product to completely penetrate and loosen the adhesive. Give the product time to work but don't let it dry out.

Using a scraper or a cloth, clean up the adhesive residue.  If all of the residue does not come off you would need to apply another coat.  Make sure you test a part of your object first before using so you don't damage anything. It is your responsibility to whether or not any product is suitable for use in your situation.

3M Adhesive Remover 5 oz spray can Price $10.79

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