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Antique Style Picture Hangers


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On this web site you may purchase several kinds of Antique Style Picture Hangers that you can use on your pictures. These hangers once were very commonly used, much more so than today, although these are beginning to make a strong come back. All of our antique style picture hangers are of the best quality and craftsmanship. Try using a few of these decorative antique picture hangers on your pictures today.

antique picture hangers

Antique Style Picture Hangers are very solid, heavy, Fleur de Lys style push pin type. They are mold poured, brass finished hangers with the push pin built in. 

They work great and are very nice quality. Very hard to find, but we got em!

All hangers are 1 1/4 inch tall by 7/8 inch wide.    See the newer pictures below!

A-Fleur de Lys Heavy Brass Plated Picture Hanger 2 PAC Price $3.99
B-Eagle Heavy Brass Plated Picture Hanger 2 PAC Price $3.99
C-Rose Heavy Brass Plated Picture Hanger 2 PAC Price $3.99

How To Use Antique Style Picture Hangers

Fleur de Lys heavy brass plated picture hangerFleur de Lys Brass
Picture Hanger

The hanger in the picture is (style A) the Fleur de Lys picture hanger.  It is nice heavy poured cast.  You can see these are beautiful picture hangers.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Fleur de Lys Brass Picture Hanger

Using these hangers is an old fashioned way of hanging pictures and was very much used in the past.  I remember my grandparents having pictures hung all over the place using this kind of hanger.  Using them is starting to come back in vogue.  You can make an impression on anyone with a few pictures hung up in your house using these antique style picture hangers.


eagle antique picture hangerAntique Brass Eagle
Picture Hanger

The antique style picture hanger in this picture is (style B) the Antique Brass Eagle picture hanger.  

Click here to see a larger image of the
Antique Style Brass Eagle Picture Hanger

This is the most popular selling hanger of the bunch.

All of the hangers on this page look great when used to hang pictures by a wire and I show you examples below.  But they also look great when used to hang some craft projects too!  Use you imagination and I bet you can come up with lots of ideas.


antique brass rose picture hangerAntique Brass Rose
Picture Hanger

The antique style picture hanger in this picture is (style C) the Antique Brass Rose picture hanger.  I love this hanger as it looks so pretty. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Antique Style Rose Picture Hanger

All the hanger have a built in hook made to hang the picture wire over.  These hangers are rugged and shouldn't break.

The hanger have a pin on the back of them that you insert into a wall, door, or whatever. This pin is quite rugged. It is not glued on, but actually poured into the hanger when the hanger is made. It is not coming off!

antique brass picture hangers with a pin in the back of themThe pin in the back of the hangers are made at a slight angle.  When inserted into even a sheet rock wall, it would be very hard to make something fall because the pin would literally have to dig and drag its way all the way down the wall.

These hangers will take quite a load so you shouldn't have to worry about falling pictures.  I have used a hammer on them to drive the hangers into doors and other wood work.  These hangers are tough!

Click here to see a larger image of the pins in the back of the
Antique Brass Picture Hangers.

picture hangup with antique brass picture hangersThe wire does just loop over the hook on the front.  This makes it very easy to take the pictures off and change them around or whatever. I think this is one of the things that made this hangers so popular in the past. 

Please keep in mine that though picture framing wire has always been the most popular way of hanging pictures, using these hangers. I have also seen people hang up there picture using these hangers with small chains, rope, rawhide lacing, and string.

To use these hangers, you push the pin into the wall say about 6 or more inches above where you want to hang your picture. Then you need to string the wire on the back of your picture extra long so that a loop hangs out above your picture. You then hang the picture on the lip of these hangers.  I have seen pictures hanging this way that with the hanger anywhere from 6 inches to over a foot above the picture.  Because it is so easy to change pictures it is easy to get any look you desire in your home using these picture hangers. They are all very interesting to look at.

picture hanging on a door.This is an old fashioned way of hanging pictures and was much used in the past. Try it out, you might really like the look!

The amount of wire that you leave above your picture determines the "look" you get. This "look" is all a matter of your own taste, and usually no two pictures look the same.

As you can see in the photo, this picture was hung on a door. My grandmother had pictures hanging like this on her doors, windows, and cabinets. The places to use these picture hangers is only limited by your imagination.

Click here to see a larger image of the door picture.

Using these hangers does not mean you are limited to hanging up pictures.  You can use them to hang up anything that you can get string or whatever on and put it over the loop.  The hangers would make a great way to hang up naughty children!  Wished I'd thought of that earlier in life....

I love seeing pictures hung like this. Then again, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy....

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