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Art Mounting Strips To Protect Your Art


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On this web site you can purchase Art Mounting Strips and art savers which are meant to protect your art from damage if any top hinges should break during handling or movement of the framed pictures.

art mounting stripsLineco Art Mounting Strips

Lineco Art Mounting Strips have a clear see through edge and a self adhesive backing strip. They are acid free for acid free mounting and never turn yellow. They allow you to make archival mounting of your photos as no glue ever comes in contact with your art and your art is fully removable. We love these strips, you will too after using them!

Use for mounting photos, limited edition prints, other valuable art works. Fully Archival, reversible. Directions on Box. Each box contains 60 strips 4 inches long. Each strip can be cut to any length and the cut off pieces can be used on other pictures, no waste!

These art mounting strips come in a 60 strip package. For the hobbyist or the home picture framer or those who want or only need a few we also sell them in our own 10 strip package. Caution: Once you try these out you will never go without them again!

Lineco Art Mounting Strips 60 PAC Price $16.79
Lineco Art Mounting Strips 10 PAC Price $3.49


How To Use Art Mounting Strips On Your Art

art mounting saver stripsArt mounting strips are one of the easiest ways to protect your art from getting damaged during moving and handling of the framed pictures.  If a picture should get dropped, especially on its side, one or more of the mounting hinges at the top of the art could break.  This would allow the art print to drop maybe tearing the work of art.  I have had this happen to me a number of times and the these strips have saved them. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Art Mounting Saver Strips

The picture above shows the clear see through art mounting strips.  You are looking at the front and back of the strips.  The back liner paper is removed by you, exposing the glued strip.  Once the liner is removed, the strip is ready to be stuck down.

One thing you should keep in mind is that professional framed art, is always framed using top hinges that are archival, and weaker than the art.  In other words, the hinges are designed to break before the art work tears.  As each piece of art is of a different quality, different works of art require different types of hinges. There are lots of kinds of hinges on this web site. You should never use top hinges, or tape, that is stronger than the paper or art that is being mounted.

Art Mounting - Saver Strips can be used to mount pictures or works of art by placing a strip or piece of strip on each corner of a picture.  By doing so, the photo or work of art does not have any tape, glue or hinges touching the art. 

When mounting works of art and mounting photographs. You can cut off pieces of any size you need. One inch wide pieces will mount the smaller pictures.  You don't need to use the whole strip on each corner.

In actual use most Art Mounting Strips are not used to actually mount pictures. Usually most pictures are mounted using the hinge mount method using various sizes and kinds of hinges available.  Then the art mounting strips shown on this page are used on the bottom of the art to save and protect the art in case one or more of the top hinges fail due to dropping the art or the glue on the hinges failing. These art saver strips are excellent for this purpose.

In the Picture here you are seeing a close up of an older style paper art mounting strip used on the bottom edge of the print. The Lineco clear Archival ones are used the same way.

art mounting strip on artThe art mounting strip shown here is placed on the bottom of the art. The strip is glued to the back  board under the art then folded up and over the art.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Art Mounting Strip in use

If you look closely at the picture you will see that I have left a space of about 1/16 of an inch between the art and the mounting strip.  You want to do this to allow expansion of the paper due to atmospheric conditions.  On really large art you would want to use even more space.

This art mounting strip is never glued to the art in any way.  It is glued to the back board only. The art mounting strip above is meant to catch the art if the top hinge should ever break. Over the top of this hinge, and the edge of the art, will next go the mat boards covering everything up making a clean neat job.

Please note that in the photo above showing the art mounting strip in use, that I am using an older style art saver strip which is made from paper.  I did this so you could see how the strips work.  They all work the same. The strips that are for sale on this page are clear - see though strips and don't show up so well in pictures. That is the reason I took the photo using the older paper style strip.

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