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Adhesive Transfer Tape - ATG Tape


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On this web site you can purchase Adhesive Transfer Tape. Commonly called ATG tape, this is possible the most useful tape in the picture framing industry. It is used to glue backing paper to picture frames, to quickly glue mat boards together and many other uses.  No picture framer can get along without ATG tape

ATG tape comes in two forms.  Hand Held ATG Tape and ATG Gun Tape.  Both tapes are the same except in the way they are used.  Hand Held ATG tape is wound in reverse and is torn off and placed on the work one strip of tape at a time. 

Gun ATG tape is placed in a tape gun and the operator uses the gun to place the tape on the items to be glued.  The guns make using ATG tape very fast.  The gun automatically takes the backing off the tape, places the glue on the items and does this all in one complete quick operation.

Although there are many reasons for speed in fast paced shops for the use of guns, not all frame shops use them.  Even some professional picture frame shops prefer the Hand Held ATG Tape because they like the hands on experience, that makes putting the pictures together more purposeful and meaningful to them.  This is an individual choice of course, and many shops use both techniques at times. 

hand held atg tape

Hand Held Adhesive
Transfer Tape

Hand held ATG tape is very sticky. ATG tape is the most commonly used tape in picture framing. This tape is torn off and placed sticky side down on a surface, then the backing paper is peeled off by hand, then other items can be stuck to the sticky tape. ATG tape has many, many uses. Once you use ATG tape you will not be without it. Click here to see larger image of Hand Held ATG Tape

Please take note, ALL Hand Held ATG tape is for hand held applications only. It is wound in reverse for hand held applications and will not fit, nor work in any ATG tape Gun. 

Framers Friend Acid Free Hand Held ATG Tape

Our Framers Friend ATG tapes are acid free! I have used these tapes extensively and found them to be really great tapes! Now you can use acid free tapes on everything.

Framers Friend 3/8 inch wide Hand Held ATG Tape 60 Yds Price $8.79

Adhesive Transfer GUN Tapes

adhesive transfer gun tape

All the ATG tapes below are made to work with ATG tape guns.  Notice the cores are smaller than the the cores on the Hand Held ATG tape above.  Also the tape is wound on the cores differently.  Although it is possible to use this tape by hand in an emergency, it can be difficult to do so. Click here to see a larger image of the ATG Gun Tape.

ATG gun tapes used in an ATG tape gun make quick work of putting the paper backing on picture frames and dozens of other uses!  ATG tape can be applied very fast using an ATG tape gun.

HI-TAC adhesive transfer tape Framers Friend Acid Free
ATG Gun Tape

This new ATG tape is a 2 mil Heavy-Duty Acrylic Adhesive that immediately grips to mat boards, form boards.  Perfect for double matting, and frame backing.  Resistant to heat and solvents.

Click here to see a larger picture of
Framers Friend Acid Free Adhesive Transfer Tape

This brand of tape is Acid Free.  The universal core should fit almost all tape guns.  But the best thing about this tape is the really great low price!

1/2 in x 36 yd Framers Friend AF Gun Tape Price $4.79
3/4 in x 36 yd Framers Friend AF Gun Tape Price $5.79

1/2 in x 60 yd Framers Friend AF Gun Tape Price $5.89
3/4 in x 60 yd Framers Friend AF Gun Tape Price $9.79

adhesive transfer tape

3M Scotch 924 Gun ATG Tape

This 2 mm premium adhesive tape is used for holding, laminating or mounting art work and similar materials.

The liner is automatically removed when used with ATG tape guns. It is one of the best general purpose ATG tapes available. This tape has been the main stay of professional picture framers for years.  Now compitition is here.

3/4 inch by 36 Yards 3M ATG Gun Tape Price $8.49
3/4 inch by 60 Yards 3M ATG Gun Tape Price $13.79

gold adhesive transfer tape

3M Scotch Gold 908 Acid Free
Gun ATG Tape

This is an ideal acid free transfer tape. It rolls on smooth and has a very quick initial tack. It is great for all your framing, preservation and image applications. It is ideal for sticking photos onto cards or any application where a acid-free, archival tape is needed. This tape has been ranked #1 in framing surveys.

3/4 inch 3M Gold ATG Gun Tape 36 yds Price $14.89

3/4 inch 3M Gold ATG Gun Tape 60 yds Price $22.49

ATG pickup erasersATG Pickup Eraser

When using ATG tape you sometimes make the mistake of getting a piece where you don't want it, like on a mat (yikes!). This special eraser will pick it up for you. It is not an ordinary eraser, it is vastly different. It is made for picking up ATG tape. This is a must have item! See it in use in a picture below!

Click here to see larger image of ATG Pickup Erasers

ATG Pickup Eraser Price $3.89

How To Use Adhesive Transfer ATG Tape

ATG tape is probably the most used tape in the picture framing shop.  It's uses are many! Lots of rolls of this tape are gone though in a years time in most picture framing shops.

removing the liner from ATG tapeATG tape is a kind of very sticky glue, that lays on top of a piece of tape liner, that is wound on a roll.  The glue is in sheet form, as wide as the tape and as long as the roll. This thin sticky sheet of glue is applied to objects that you want to stick other objects too.

In the picture to the right, the ATG tape has been applied to a picture frame and I am using my fingers to remove the liner from the tape. Click here to see a larger picture of the liner being removed from the Adhesive Transfer Tape.

ATG tape comes in two forms. Hand Held ATG tape and Gun type ATG Tape.  The hand held tape is wound on a three inch core to make for easier handling and the tape is wound in reverse so that you can easily remove it from the roll and apply it by hand to various objects like mat boards. It works great! You will certainly like this stuff!

If you are only doing a few pictures and don't need or cannot afford a tape gun, then by all means just get a roll or two of the hand held ATG tape. Once you find out how easy this stuff works, you will find yourself using it for lots and lots of things. It might also surprise  you to know that quite a few professional frame shops still use the hand held ATG tape, instead of guns, just because they like the personal hands on feeling they get by using hand held ATG tape verses the tape quickly applied by a gun. But I got to tell ya, an ATG tape gun works so good....

The ATG gun tape is wound on a much smaller core that fits into most ATG tape guns. These guns make it easy to apply the Adhesive Transfer Tape and the guns automatically removes the tape from the liner, applies the tape to the object, and stores the liner inside the gun.  It does all this for you when you press the trigger and roll the tip of the gun across the object you wish to apply the tape to. ATG tape guns work fast.

applying atg tape to a picture frameTo use the Hand Held adhesive transfer tape you tear off pieces of the tape, liner and all from the core.  You need to judge the amount you want just by guessing, and then just adding more tape as needed to the object. 

The picture to the right shows me applying Hand Held ATG tape to the bottom of a picture frame in advance of putting on the paper backing.

The ATG is being torn off the roll and pressed sticky side down on the frame. Click here to see a bigger picture of the Adhesive Transfer Tape being applied to the picture frame.

The glue lays on top of the strip of tape liner and you apply the tape, liner and all, glue side down on top of the object, such as a mat board or picture frame. In most cases you want to burnish the tape down to the object you are applying it to, by using either a burnishing bone or your hands. It depends on what you are using it for, and this becomes instinctive once  you start using the tape. 

burnishing atg tape to a picture frameBurnishing the tape down makes it stick very much tighter to the object you are trying to stick it too. When using Hand Held ATG tape, you burnish it down to the object before you remove the liner.  This is done either with the burnishing bone or your fingers just before removing the liner.  The burnishing bone works better and saves fingers.

Click here to see a larger picture of the burnishing bone in use on the picture frame.

Burnishing Bones can be brought on this site by going to our Mat Board Tools Page.

This burnishing bone is a must have tool in any shop. In using ATG tape in a gun, you don't need to do this burnishing down as often, as you are applying pressure to the tape and it sticks good to the object right off the gun.  The gun also removes the liner for you so you wouldn't want to then touch the ATG tape with anything like your fingers or a burnishing bone.

atg pickup eraser removing atg tapeOn thing about ATG tape is that sooner or later you are going to get a piece of it on a mat board, print, or other item that you wished you hadn't got it on.  You will find ATG tape sticks very good to these kind of things! 

Click here to see a larger image of an ATG Eraser removing ATG tape from an image.

ATG tape doesn't come off with water and almost any solvent.  Besides, if you use these, you would end up ruining your customers favorite art work.  This is usual because ATG tape almost never sticks to anything you'd consider junk.

What to do? Have an ATG Pickup Eraser around of course! This eraser is unlike any other eraser.  It is completely different.  It is just to pick up art tape.  On any hard surface this eraser can be used to roll the ATG tape right off the surface. It definitely works best while the ATG tape is fresh, so make sure you have an ATG eraser around.

ATG tape is very easy to use and you will soon find many, many uses for this tape!

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