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Adhesive Transfer Tape Guns


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On this web site you can purchase Adhesive Transfer Tape Guns that are used everyday in picture framing shops and art galleries world wide. These guns apply a thin layer of very sticky tape to almost any surface such as picture frames.

Then another component such as a sheet of backing paper can be laid over the tape and stuck down. These tape guns work very fast, clean, and are very easy to use. There are many applications for use of adhesive transfer tape, commonly called ATG tape. These guns automate the process of applying the tape.

scotch atg 700 tape gun

3M Scotch ATG 700 Tape Gun

This is a really great tape gun. All the great features you need such as a 60 yard capacity, a gear system that prevents gum up, a clear cover and it is easy to load up!

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3M Scotch ATG 700 Tape Gun

3M Scotch 700 ATG Tape Gun Price $64.95

adhesive transfer tape gun Framers Friend ATG Tape Gun

Another really great tape gun. Features a 36 yard capacity, a gear system that prevents gum up, a clear cover and it is easy to load up!

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Super ATG Tape Gun

This gun works great and the position of the nose end is just right to see your tape being applied.  I've tested this ATG gun and found it be be a really nice working gun.  The gear system is right out there where you can see it and clean it if necessary. In fact you can easily take it apart to clean it.

This ATG gun takes any standard 36 yard roll of ATG tape.  A 60 yard roll can be force feed into it by peeling off about 5 feet of tape off the roll and then installing the roll.  More about this in the pictures below.  I think this gun is the perfect home picture framers gun and the price is right!

Framers Friend Tape Gun and a Free Roll of 1/2 inch ATG Tape  Price $38.49

What's The Difference between a 60 yard ATG Tape Gun and a 36 yard ATG Tape Gun?

This Applies to All 60 Yard Tape Guns not just those pictured here

tape capacity of a scotch atg 700 tape gunThe Scotch ATG tape gun shown here has a 60 yard tape capacity, meaning that it will hold both 60 yard and 36 yard rolls of ATG tape with a standard spool.

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Inside of a Scotch 700 ATG tape gun

This gun will hold all 36 and 60 yard spools of ATG tape made. This is very professional gun made for large jobs without the need to constantly having to change spools of tape. 

Inside the picture above you are seeing a 60 yard spool of tape inserted.  Notice the distance that is still left between the outside edge of the roll of tape and the outside edge of the back, black tape take up spool.  There is room to spare even with the 60 yard roll inserted into this tape gun.  This is a main reason this is a professionals choice for purchasing this tape gun.

This Applies to All 36 Yard Tape Guns not just those pictured here

Super ATG tape gunThe Super ATG tape gun shown here takes 36 yard rolls of tape very easily and can be force fed a 60 yard roll if you find that nesserary by peeling off a couple yards of atg tape, peeling the glue off about a foot and reloading the gun.  This means wasting a few feet of atg tape. More about this below.

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Inside of a Super ATG tape gun

The Super ATG tape gun shown here has a 36 yard tape capacity, meaning that it will hold 36 yard rolls of ATG tape with a standard spool. In the picture above you are seeing a 36 yard spool of ATG tape placed inside the gun. Notice there is about 3/4 inch of space between the outside edge of the spool of tape and the outside edge of the rear roller.  This is fine and is all that is required for 36 yard rolls of tape.

This is a very nice gun that would be perfect for small shops and home owners where it is not necessary to worry about changing spools of tape every few minutes.  There is also another benefit to using 36 yard spools of tape over 60 yard spools.  The 36 yard spools almost never mess up on the back roller like the 60 yard rolls sometimes do, due to not having so much tape to contend with.  So the guns stay cleaner longer.

super atg tape gun with a 60 yard roll of atg tape placed insideInside this picture you are seeing a 60 yard spool of tape inserted.  Notice the distance that is between the outside edge of the roll of tape and the outside edge of the back, black tape take up spool. 

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Super ATG tape gun with a 60 yard roll

The tape is actually touching the rear roller and won't quite fit as there is not quite enough room.  To make it fit you would have to peel off several yards of tape and reinstall the tape onto the rear roller. 

I have done this several times before.  It isn't hard to do but you do waste a few feet of tape and I don't recommend it unless you absolutely have to.  The reason for that is because usually before the tape is all gone you have to break off the tape, remove the waste tape off the rear spool and then install the tape for a second time.  This is because the waste tape that gathers on the rear roller takes up more space because it is looser than when first wound.  This reinstalling the tape isn't hard to do, but it is something else you have to deal with. I sometimes have to do this with my Scotch 700 gun as well, and that gun is designed to hold the large rolls.  Those 60 yard large rolls sometimes mess up no matter what gun your using.

The Super ATG Tape Gun is a really nice gun for the home owner or others who don't mind using 36 yard rolls of ATG tape.  I also really like the nose of this gun.  It sticks out there where you can easily see the tape you are applying. In fact it is better than the scotch 700 in that regard.  Those smaller rolls usually don't mess up too and that keeps the gun cleaner, longer.

How To Use An ATG Tape Gun

This applies to all ATG tape guns not those just pictured

Using an ATG tape gun is extremely easy.... once you load it up. The adhesive on ATG tape is located on just one side of the tape liner. This means the ATG tape gun must be properly loaded to work.  That first time can be a little difficult.  What you need to remember is to load the spool of tape into the gun on the forward roller mechanism. Then the tape comes out the bottom under the forward roller wheel.

how to load an atg gunThe sticky glue side goes under the little wheel that sticks out.  The finger in the picture is pointing to the sticky part. This means that when you hold the gun tip down and roll it along something, it will leave the glue laid down on whatever you roll the tip along. 

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ATG Tape Gun.

All tape guns work and load up the same way so you can use this image to see how to load any ATG tape gun.

You will notice in the image that the used liner on the back roll looks messed up.  It is! This doesn't happen very often, and this gun still works fine even now. Once in a long while this kind of thing happens and then you have to take off the back portion of the used liner and remove it from the gun.  You then need to strip the glue off about 1 foot of tape and reload it onto the back roller.  This almost never happens when using a 36 yard roll of tape but happens once in a while with the 60 yard rolls.

When reloading the blank liner goes up over the full roll of tape on the forward roller wheel.  It doesn't stick because it is the glues liner and won't stick well to glue.  From here the tape goes onto the rear roller wheel.  Due to gears in the tape gun, this rear wheel will gather up the used liner tape, just as fast as you can roll it off the front roller.

ATG tape gun in useThe guns work good, as long as  you install the tape properly before the first use.  Most of the boxes that the ATG tape guns come in give pretty much full directions.  Some don't.  Also if  you look closely lots of time there are marks on the ATG gun itself which shows the direction to place the tape.

The picture shows an ATG tape gun in use. All you need to do is position the tip where  you want the glue, pull the trigger and roll the glue out. Just so slick...

Click here to see a larger picture of an ATG tape gun in use.

Some might wonder why I am laying down a layer of tape over the paper backing on the above picture.  How about, It's because I am using a double backing of paper.  ah, sounds better than just saying I am trying to show how to use the gun.....

It helps to remember to put the tape over the forward wheels, up over and onto the back wheel and into the slot that holds the tape.  When doing this you can squeeze the ATG tape guns trigger to allow you to take up some of the slack in the ATG tape if this is necessary. 

Also, if you have everything all set and find the tape to have some slack in it during the first use, don't let that concern you too much.  I always find this slack is taken up after a couple of passes and you use up a couple feet of tape.  Most times, when the tape is all set up, you can use up the whole roll without any further trouble.  After a little bit you will soon become a pro using the tape gun.

As I told you above by the picture, once in a while the tape might break, or gets torn by a tool on the bench, what ever.  When this happens  you should take off all the used up ATG tape liner off the rear spool, leaving the good tape on the front spool alone.

After clearing the rear spool, you need to peal out about 1 1/2 feet of good tape off the front spool, by holding the ATG Gun's trigger and slowly pulling out the tape.  Then right the forward wheel on the good tape, take  your fingers and pull the glue off about a little over a foot of the tape.  Then use this cleaned liner to go up over the spool and reinsert the cleaned liner into the rear spool and then take up the slack just like you did when you first installed the new roll.  You can then continue your taping job just as before. 

inside an ATG tape gunThe most important thing to remember is to not let any ATG tape, with the glue still on it, go up and over that front roller.  If you do, it will gum up your tape gun and it won't work until you clean up the mess. The tape sticks good to the plastic spools if you get it on them, so don't let it happen to you.  This doesn't happen very often with a good gun. 

The picture here is the inside of the ATG Tape Gun.  Although other guns may be slightly different, they all work almost the same way.  It is not hard to learn to load and use an ATG tape gun.  

Click here to see a larger image of the inside of an ATG Tape Gun.

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