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picture frame backing paperOn this web site you can purchase Virgin Craft Paper which is used as a dust cover on the backs of picture frames. It is applied with ATG tape or glue and then cut around the frames with our professional trim knife.

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picture frame backing paper.

These rolls are just right for the home picture framing. There is also another way of finishing the backs of pictures. This picture frame backing paper is Virgin paper, This is new paper, not recycled.

Virgin Picture Frame Backing Paper roll 30 inches by 15 feet Price $5.69


picture frame backing tapeSelf Adhesive Picture Frame Paper Backing Tape

This tape is used by many to seal the back sides of picture frames. What you do is run the backing tape over the picture frame and mats or backing. Then you use our knife tool to trim the paper tape off the edge of the picture frame. This is an alternate method to using a full sheet of paper on the backs of pictures as described below. This tape sticks good.

Click here to see a larger image of the Self Adhesive Picture Frame Backing Paper Tape

Picture Frame Backing Paper Tape 2 inches x 55 yards Price $10.89


flat black backing tapeBlack Flat Backing Tape

This is a flat back paper tape that is popular to use to seal the backs of picture frames and and used to seal easel backs to picture frames.  Self Adhesive.

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picture frame backing tape

To use it just seal around the edges of the frame and leave some over hang and trim off the excess with a trim knife.

Black Backing Tape 1 inch by 60 yards Price $12.49
Black Backing Tape 1 1/2 x 60 yards Price $14.89

lineco frame sealing tapeLineco Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape

This gray paper tape is acid free, lignin-free and buffered to pH 8.5. This tape has an Acrylic adhesive that is acid free and is strong enough to adhere to raw wood. It provides an aluminum barrier to prevent the bleed through of acid and other harmful elements.

Used to seal picture frame Rabbets, Fillets, Mats, and the backs of Picture Frames. Use where every you want a barrier between the art and a mounting surface. Instructions on box.

This roll of tape is 1 1/4 inches wide by 1000 inches long

Lineco Acid Free Self Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape Price $14.69


How To Put A Paper Backing On A Picture Frame

Putting the paper backing on a picture frame gives the back that finishing touch needed if you want your picture to look like a professional did the job.  It is this backing that keeps dust out of you picture. The paper backing also hides the nails, clips, or push points used to hold everything into the picture.

There are several ways to put the paper backing onto a picture frame.  One of the most popular ways is to use a sheet of virgin craft paper and apply it to the picture frame with ATG tape.  This tape is available either as a hand hold tape and applied by hand, or by using ATG gun tape which is applied using an ATG Gun.

applying ATG tape to a picture frameThe picture here shows Hand Held ATG Tape being applied to the back side of a picture frame. The strips are torn off the roll and the glue side of the tape is pressed down onto the picture frame.  Then the yellow liner you see in the picture is taken off which leaves a thin layer of clear glue all the way around your picture.

Click here to see the larger image of the Hand Held ATG tape being applied to the picture frame.

useing a burnishing tool on a picture frameOnce the ATG tape is placed on the picture frame, you use a bone tool to burnish the glue down to the wood picture frame.

The burnishing tool is a very handy tool to have around for burnishing down tapes on mat boards as well as picture frames. It's uses are many. The tool makes the tape stick really well to the picture frame. Click here to see a larger picture of the burnishing tool in use on the picture frame.

peeling the atg liner off the back of a picture frameAfter the Hand Held ATG Tape has been applied to the picture frame, the next step is to lift the yellow liner off the actual glue.  Use your finger nail to start the edge of the yellow liner off, and once started just lift the liner up and way from the glue.  This is actually really easy.  When you are done you will find a nice neat layer of glue lying on the picture frame. 

Click here to see a larger picture of the removal of the Hand Held ATG Tape liner.

You can also use an ATG Tape Gun to quickly place the glue on the picture frame.  The ATG Gun applies the tape and removes the liner all in one shot. They are fast to use.

placing the backing on the back of a picture frameOnce you have the ATG tape liner removed from the glue, you are left with a picture frame with glue all the way around back side of the picture frame.  Now it is necessary to cut a piece of Picture Frame Backing Paper that is considerable larger than your picture.

Click here to see a larger picture of placing the backing on a picture frame.

For your first attempt you want to make sure it is about 6 inches larger all the way around the picture.  You are going to take the piece of paper and completely cover the back side of the picture frame. You want to make sure you get the complete frame  covered.  You don't want to make a mistake as you only get one chance as the glue will grab the paper. 

pressing the backing paper onto the picture frameOnce you have the paper placed where you want it, you can use your hands, and starting in the middle of the picture, smooth out the paper and as your hands reach the edges of the picture frame you can press down on the paper backing to make it stick to the picture frame. 

Try not to get creases in the paper. If you are careful you can get a really nice smooth looking backing on the picture.  Click here to see a larger image of pressing the backing onto the picture frame.

Notice in the picture how the paper sticks out over the edge of the picture frame!  I will talk a bit more about this later on.

finishing the back of a picture frameOnce you have the paper pressed down onto the picture frame it is time to trim the paper. To do this you will need to use a picture framers trim knife. These knives are specially made and have a special edge on them, made of plastic or steel.  This knife when passed around the edge of the picture frame will cut through the paper and leave a nice edge all around the frame just inside the edge of the picture frame.  The knives make the back of the picture frame look very professionally done.  It would be hard to do this any other way, other than using one of these special knives. The cut edge is just inside the frame and looks nice, but is hard to see on the photo here. Click here to see a larger image of the finished back of the picture frame.

There are other ways to finish the back of a picture frame.  The next way is to use one of the Picture Frame Backing Tapes sold on the top of this page. These tapes are put on the edges of the picture frame covering the frame and also the inside edge where the picture was put together. They do not cover the total picture as the backing paper does.

Remember I told you how the backing paper sticks out over the edge of the whole picture frame.  When applying one of the picture frame backing tapes, you should do the same thing. Don't try to make it go perfectly straight down, just inside the edge of the picture frame.  Instead, lay the tape on and let it overhang the frame an inch or more.  Then after pressing the tape down, use your special made picture frame backing trim knife to cut off the backing tape, then pull off off the cut part.  The Trim Knife will do a lot nicer job, faster, cleaner and neater than you could ever do by trying to lay that tape onto the frame perfectly the first time. There is a link to purchase a Trim Knife on the left side of this page.

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