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Brass Triangle Hangers


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On this web site you can purchase brass triangle picture hangers for hanging up pictures, craft products and other items in your home. Brass triangle hangers are used on picture frames and other small items to be hung up. Brass triangle hangers come in several sizes so they fit most of the wooden products that get hung on walls.

brass triangle hangers

Brass Triangle Hangers come in three different sizes to fit many of the projects you might complete.

We supply nice little brass nails that come with our brass triangle hangers. This saves you the time and trouble of trying to find the right size nail. Also it can be very difficult to find the brass nails that fit these hangers.

Small Brass Triangle Hangers with Nails 25 PAC Price $3.69
Medium Brass Triangle Hangers with Nails 25 PAC Price $3.89
Large Brass Hangers with Nails 25 PAC Price $4.49

How To Use Brass Triangle hangers

brass corner anglesBrass Triangle Hangers work best on wooden products such as picture frames, or wooden Primitives that are so in vogue today. Anything that you can drive a nail into can be hung up with these hangers.

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They are one of the finest hangers made and are found on many antiques. If replacing those hangers you should always use the same kind instead of using some new modern hanger use these original brass hangers.  Many antique pieces are equipped with these hangers.

picture hung up with brass triangle hangersThere are several ways to install and use these picture frame or craft object hangers. You certainly aren't limited to these two ways either as there are many craft items that use these hangers on the back side and some have holes drilled to let the nail go in, some are placed right on top of the item and others are placed over the item. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Brass Triangle Hangers used on the green picture frame

The picture here shows a picture hung on a wall with the brass triangle hangers exposed on top of the picture frame. This is a common method of using the hangers and was very much in vogue and used extensively years ago.  It is still very common to see pictures and craft objects hung up like this today.  Lots of Primitive Objects that are in vogue today are hung up using this style and approach.  I like the look as well especially on antique pieces or items that resemble antiques.  Items look wonderful hung up this way on wood work and I have seen lots of it use in kitchens and farm houses.

brass triangle hangers on a picture frameOther times you will want to hang up pictures or items and do not wish to have the hanger seen.  This can also be done.  The method is used lots of times on craft projects.

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Brass Triangle Hanger

This method is also very popular.  It does make the items a little more difficult to hang up because the tabs on the hangers need to be tipped out a little before hanging up the picture. Doing this makes it easier to get the hanger to catch the nail. 

It is also important to get a good measurement between the points of the hangers before driving the nails into the wall.  Make sure that the distance from the top of the picture frame, to the top of the hanger is the same on both sides of the picture frame.  This way when you drive in the nails into the wall hang the picture up with, the picture will be level if you use a small level and make sure you drive the nails in level.

I have seen pictures with these hangers on them where the distance from the top of the picture frame and the top of the hanger was not the same.  This is just plain sloppy work on behalf of the picture framer and I would tell that person so out right.  When the distances are not the same, it is impossible to hang the picture on the wall and get it level unless you actually drive the nails into the wall out of level. This is an absolute no-no. What happens when you want to change pictures.  You would have to keep moving the nails and putting more holes in your wall each time!  Don't let a picture framer do this to you.  Even more important, take the time to do it right yourself because when you get though using this web site you will be doing your own picture framing.

To get the hangers perfect on you picture frame you should measure down the distance from the top of the picture frame to the bottom of the brass triangle hanger and make a mark on each side of the picture where you want the bottom of the hanger to be.  You can use a square to make a perfect mark if you want to.  I can't tell you what that proper distance is, because each picture frame is different.

using a long nose pliers to hold nails for brass triangle hangersThen holding the brass hanger firmly you can drive the nails into the holes right where you want them. I use a small awl to prick the wood and make a small starting hole. Why? Because I want that nail to be driven in perfectly and I find it almost impossible to hold onto the nail with my fingers and then drive it in with a hammer. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Pliers holding the nails on the hanger

In fact it is almost impossible to get them driven in perfectly this way. The only way to really properly drive in those small nails is by holding them with our long nose pliers.  By making a small starting hole with the awl first I can then get the nail driven in perfectly.

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