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Burnishing Bones For Picture Framing


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Burnishing Bones

On this web site  you can purchase burnishing bones which are used in the picture framing industry to burnish down tapes and repair mat boards.

You will find many uses for this tool. Every frame shop has them. This is the really nice tool not one of the cheap imitations.  These are so hard they don't get worn down with use. These last forever!

Click here to see a larger image of the Burnishing Bones.

The burnishing bone is used to burnish various tapes down to the mats, tapes to picture frames and many other uses. This is the real nice tool that the professionals use, and will last for generations. (you would have to lose it)  This tool is very useful in many aspects of picture framing it's a must have tool. The burnishing bone is 6 inches long.

Burnishing Bone Price $12.89


How To Use A Burnishing Bone To Repair Mat Boards

The Burnishing Bone is also used to finish the edges of mat boards. The burnishing bone eliminates rough edges caused by a dull mat cutter and also is used to make "over cuts" less obvious. 

Using a burnishing bone to burnish tape down on a mat boardBurnishing Bones come in very handy in a many operations in picture framing. In the picture you are looking at a burnishing bone in use to burnish down the hinges that hold the art work onto the acid free form core backing board. The burnishing bone is also used to burnish down any hand held ATG tape that may have been applied, and the tape holding the mat board to the back board.

Click here to see a larger image of the burnishing bone fixing a mat board

Burnishing down tape with your fingers does not even come remotely close to what the burnishing bone does. The burnishing bone really works great. All repairs using tapes should be burnished down with a burnishing bone. The difference is like night and day. Both in the quality of the repair and in the visual effects of the repair. Clear tapes burnished down with a burnishing bone almost disappear.

burnishing bone fixing a mat boardBurnishing Bones have lots of uses.  In this picture a mat board was cut and the edges were slightly messed up due to dropping the mat. The burnishing bone was used to lift up and repair the cut edge of the mat. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
burnishing bone fixing a mat board

The bone can also be used on the face side of the mat board to tighten up an over cut by running the edge of the bone over the cut. These operations certainly don't work as well as not making the mistakes in the first place, but the bone at times can save a mat board when nothing else will.

burnishing tool in use on a mat boardOne of the most useful uses of a Burnishing Bone is to burnish down Hand Held ATG tape. This tape is used in many applications in picture framing.  It is used to glue mat boards together, to put the paper backing on picture frames, to hold most anything to anything. 

Click here to see the larger image of the
Burnishing Tool in use on the Mat Board

When using Hand Held ATG tape, you place the tape down and before peeling the backing off the tape you can use your burnishing bone to burnish the tape down and make it stick lots better.

I was watching my wife do her stained glass one day.  She was burnishing down the copper edging onto the glass with her plastic tool that stained glass workers use.  She was complaining how easily the tools wore out and was always having to buy a new one.  I looked at the edge and could see her latest new tool was already getting worn.

I told her I had just the thing.  I went down to the shop and got my burnishing bone and gave her that to use and she just loves it. She'll never have to buy another one in her life time. These real burnishing bones are extreamly hard and should not wear out like plastic tools. So if you know someone that does stained glass get her one of these!

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