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Canvas Pliers for Stretching Canvas


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canvas pliersCanvas Pliers

One this web site you can purchase canvas pliers which are used for stretching canvas onto stretcher bar frames.  Stretching canvas onto these frames is almost impossible without having this tool handy. 

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Chrome Canvas Pliers

Canvas Pliers Price $28.89

How To Use Canvas Pliers To Stretch Canvas Paintings

canvas pliers for stretching canvas paintingsLots of artists buy canvas in bulk rolls, sometimes for the price but mostly to get the kind of canvas they want.  Then they buy the stretcher bars, or stretcher bar stock and make their own frames to stretch their own canvas over. Well, this is the tool that you would use for stretching canvas paintings onto stretcher bars or a similar stretcher frame.

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Canvas Pliers for Stretching Canvas

These are premium chrome plated steel canvas pliers with grooved teeth that will securely grip any canvas. The spring handle gives extra resistance while applying pressure.

the teeth on canvas pliers that grip canvas paintingsTo use you grip the canvas using these pliers, center the canvas onto the frame and staple the canvas on the turned over edge. Staple all four sides in the middle of the canvas only.

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Canvas Pliers teeth for gripping canvas

After you have all four sides stapled in the middle and your canvas is centered, work out each side from the middle out, one side at at time, a little each side.

Don't apply too much pressure on canvas paintings. Beginners often apply too much pressure. Canvas paintings work with humidity in the air and will crack when the air is dry if they have been stretched too tightly in their frame.

Canvas pliers are also used a lot to rest retch old canvas paintings onto new stretcher bars.  Older paintings may be much more fragile so you have to be careful not to apply so much pressure on the painting that you cause it to crack. 

Notice in the picture above, under the bottom teeth, there is a chrome piece that sticks down toward the table top.  When in use you will grip the canvas with the teeth and this piece will rest on the stretcher bar and allow you to pry with very strong force.  You got to be careful not to over do it!

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