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EarthQuake Proof Security Picture Hangers


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child proof picture hangers

Child Proof and Earthquake Proof Security Picture Hangers

On this web site you can purchase  Security Picture Frame Hangers that will hold your pictures securely to the wall. These are excellent for rooms where children are present and you don't want your pictures falling on them.  The manufactor claims that in an earthquake your pictures won't fall down until the wall falls down.

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Child Proof Security Picture Hangers

This picture shows the three sizes of the picture hangers that were available. The only one of this style still available is the 30 lb size which is the center one in the picture.

The hangers come complete with the small  nails inclosed. These hangers are made and imported from Germany. 

30 lb. Child Proof Security Hanger 1 PAC Price $2.69

30 lb. Child Proof Security Hanger 5 PAC Price $12.29


child proof picture hangersHow To Use Child Proof and Earthquake proof Security Picture Hangers

These picture hangers are new, and the most simple security hangers made. These hangers make it very difficult to knock pictures off a wall by accident.  The way they are made the hanger nail is locked into an immoveable angle that makes falling pictures very difficult.

This new type of security picture hangers have a clip installed inside of them. They are for use on pictures which have the picture hanging wire installed on the back of the framed picture.

To use these picture hangers, nail it to the wall, then it is real easy to slip the picture wire into the hanger and the clip stops the wire from slipping out. You have to lift your picture up and push the clip back in to release the wire before you can take the picture off the wall.


Earthquake Picture HangersThese picture hangers work great and are simple to use. These picture hangers can help defer theft in public places as you just can't go and swipe the picture off the wall, the wire catches up and this catches most thieves off guard so that they quickly give up.  

The maker of these picture hangers claim that "Pictures won't fall off your wall unless your wall does!"  The hangers were originally designed for people living in areas that are prone to earthquakes, or people who had children around and didn't want there pictures accidentally falling on them. They work great in children's rooms and many hospitals now use these hangers. These picture hangers are considered child proof.

Click here to see a larger image of the child proof picture hanger showing how the wire clips into it.

Everyone in California needs these earthquake proof picture hangers! Used in many stores, hotels and hospitals worldwide they are becoming quite popular.

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