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Cork Bump-Ons


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On this site you can purchase very high quality cork bump-Ons and cork pads that are self sticking on one side. These cork pads used a lot in the picture framing industry but they are suitable for thousands of uses besides picture frames. These cork pads are the ideal solution for no skid and no scratch protection of ceramic and porcelain items!

cork bump ons Cork Bump-Ons

These are used on the backs of picture frames the same as Felt Bump-Ons and Rubber Bump-Ons.  They are self sticking and you just peel them off the sheet they come on.  They stick very well to the paper backing on picture frames, bare wood or metal frames. 

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Cork Bump-ons

1 Pad of 50 Cork Bump-Ons Price $3.49

How To Use Cork Bump-on's and Cork Pads

cork bump-ons and cork padsCork Bump-on's offer a firmer protection than felt pads. They also work well on items that are near water, or will be washed.  For instance, they are very useful for putting on items near the kitchen.  Since cork pads do not absorb water like felt pads, you can wash items with these pads on them and usually they stay in place through multiple washes.

They are very useful for many items such as flower pots where felt pads won't stand up to the abuse, and rubber pads have a tendency to fall off. Cork pads are one of the most useful protective pads to have on hand in any house or office. 

You will see cork pads on most expensive items that sit on office desks for example.  You will find plastic on the bottom of cheap office furniture. But plastic bottoms pick up dirt between the plastic bottom and the desktop and you can get some really nice scratches over time on your desk, or dining room table. 

By placing cork pads such on the bottoms of these items you will save your desktop or tables from getting marred.

Cork pads have a long history of being used for this purpose but plastic bottoms are cheaper to manufacture and cork has been faded out on most cheaper quality items such as staplers, and other common office products. 

Get Real, Get Cork! There is a truth in that saying as these cork pad's are made from real wood, a renewable item where as plastic bottom material is not. So you could say it is a Green Item if that interests you.

Cork is also the product of choice for stopping wine bottles.  All good quality wines use a cork stopper.  In fact many people will not buy a wine that doesn't have a cork stopper in the bottle. Anything less is just plain unacceptable to many people. 

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