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Picture Frame Corner Protectors


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picture frame corner protectorsAdjustable Picture Frame Corner Protectors

On this web site you can purchase the best quality, white, corrugated cardboard picture frame corner protectors. They are supplied in an attractive white finish.

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picture frame corner protector

These three tap corner protectors are adjustable to fit any picture frame from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch. Unlike other brands, these corner protectors come in individual pieces like a deck of cards, there is no need to separate them and there is no waste.

Adjustable Corner Protectors 12 PAC Price $8.79
Adjustable Corner Protectors 50 PAC Price $27.69


How To Use Picture Frame Corner Protectors

Picture Frame Corner Protectors are used to protect picture frames and other similar items when shipping, moving or just plain in storage.  They really work good.  The ones we sell have fold marks in them and are adjustable to fit most of the common picture frames out there.  The sizes spoken above don't mean how big the picture frame is, but how thick the picture frame is.

picture frame corner protectorThese corner protectors will fit narrow picture frames or wide picture frames as long as the picture frame is 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches thick, which takes in 90% of the picture frames out there. 

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Picture Frame Corner Protector before it is folded

By folding the corner protector on the scored lines you can get the corner protector to fit almost any picture frame.

You will notice in the picture at the very top of this page, on the bottom next to the table top, that there is a white triangle flap. When placing the picture frame corner protector onto the picture frame, this flap many times grabs onto the picture frame and holds the corner protector onto the picture frame and nothing else is needed. If this doesn't work for you try turning the corner protector over and place the flap part on the top side of the picture frame.  There is no real top or bottom to the corner protector. Turn them around and use the side that works.  This method works much of the time.

picture frame corner protector placed onto a picture frameWhen the corner protector is on the picture frame, it really does help to keep the corners from getting banged up when moving around.  It certainly helps to have them on any picture frames you are planning to store for a while.  You know how things never get damaged while just sitting in storage....ya, right.   It costs lots more money and time to get picture frame repaired, than it does to slip on a few of these inexpensive, reusable picture frame corner protectors.

Click here to see a larger image of the Picture Frame Corner Protector placed on a picture frame

Notice in the picture here that on this particular picture frame, that the tab on the bottom of the corner protector has slipped up and is gripping the picture frames rappet stopping the corner protector from falling off the picture fall. This is all that is needed to keep the corner protector on the picture frame.  If this didn't work, I would try turning the protector over and inserting it on the picture frame the other way around. That usually does the trick.  Please note that other makes of picture frame corner protectors don't work this way, but ours do and I like it!

If the picture frame corner protector does not stay on the frame by itself, there are methods to make it stay there.  If shipping, it is easiest to just put a staple from a staple gun through the corner protector into the back side of the picture frame.

If using just around the house or for storage you can just tape it there with a piece of tape run from one side of the corner protector to the other side, right there in the corner of the picture frame. That holds the picture frame corner protector onto the picture frame well enough.

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