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picture frame easel backsOn this web site you can purchase Easel Backs that are used on the backs of picture frames to enclose them and to make them stand up on tables and shelves.

We have every type of picture frame easel back including door backs and even easel back hinges are available. All sizes can stand on a table vertical or horizontal.

All our easel backs sold below are prepackaged and sold in packages of two easel backs per package.


black linen easel backsBlack Linen Embossed Easel Backs

These are a very high quality cardboard easel back with the back side finished embossed. These are the easiest easel backs to cut to make into other sizes.

Click here to see larger image of the
Black Linen Embossed Easel Backs

Some framers do this not only to make them fit a certain frame, but to also turn a larger easel back into a smaller easel back and leave the "foot" longer for use with wider frames. Although any easel back can be cut so, this one cuts easier. Other framers use the easel back hinges sold on the bottom of this page to reset the feet on easel backs.

3 1/2 X 5 Inch Black Linen Embossed Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $4.39
5x7 Black Linen Embossed Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $5.49
8 x 10 Black Linen Embossed Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $7.69
11 x 14 Black Linen Embossed Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $9.89

Superior easel backsSuperior Black Suede Easel Backs

These Easel Backs are made from heavy weight cardboard. Our Superior Black Easel Backs are finished having a very nice smooth finish on the back side. These are very fine quality card board easel backs.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Superior Black Easel Backs

This is another easy to cut easel back and can easily  be  cut down to a smaller size leaving the foot longer to be cut as needed.  Sometimes a wide frame needs a longer foot.  To get this most framers cut down a larger easel back to fit a smaller frame. Then they cut the foot to the size required to fit the wide picture frame.  This is much easier to do than replacing the foot using an easel back hinge.

4x6 Superior Black Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $3.79
8x10 Superior Black Easel Backs 2 PAC Price $6.89

easel backs with a doorBlack Linen Door Style Easel Backs

These easel backs have a door built into them, hung on hinges, and there is a clip that you turn to lock the door shut. They come in two sizes. These easel backs are 2 position, that is you can use them in portrait, or landscape position.

The easel backs measure to fit frames measuring 9 x 11 inches. And the smaller one measures 6 x 8 inches. These are inside rappet frame dimensions, "the glass size". These are common document frame sizes.

easel back with door in the backPlease note: These Easel Backs are sold individually. They come nicely shrink wrapped on cardboard.

These easel backs have a hinge on the side as seen in the photo. After the easel back is installed into the picture frame this door can be opened and the art or papers inside can be removed.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Back door easel back

This door back is commonly used another way. After framing is complete, the door can be opened and a note, lots of money,hey! can be placed inside behind the art. It makes a good place to place a note telling someone in the future how much you really loved them. I think you get the idea of how this door back can be used.

9 by 11 Linen Door Style Easel Back 1 PAC Price $5.79
6 by 8 Linen Door Style Easel Back 1 PAC Price $4.89

How To Install Easel Backs On Picture Frames

There are a number of different ways of installing easel backs into picture frames.  When the glass, mat, Art and backing is placed into a picture frame, the easel  back is usually the last thing installed.

I will give you a number of different ways to install easel backs and you can make up your mind as to the method you want to use for the job you have at hand. Not all of the ways I tell you about are pictured.

installing easel backs using turnbuttonsThe most common way of installing easel backs on picture frames is by the use of brass or zinc turn buttons.  Using turn buttons installed with a small screw allows you to take the easel back off the picture frame easily to change out pictures, documents or whatever.

Click here to see a larger image of
installing easel backs with turn buttons

The turn buttons in the picture have been installed on the bare wood picture frame.  It is the quickest method of installing removable easel backs. 

A better looking job can be done by painting the wood picture frame black, or covering it with black tape, or paper. These methods will be shown in the various pictures below. A real good imagination could come up with other methods.

Please keep in mind in all the methods of installing easel backs in picture frames that it is important to keep the easel back flush with the surface of picture frame. (or almost so, if using the driven point method shown next)

To keep the easel backs flush with the surface of the picture frame, you first must place the glass, mats, art work and backing into the picture frame.  Or a sealed unit of these materials which is what I use the most of the time.  ( See link to glass cleaning )

After placing the art materials and easel back into the picture frame, if the easel back doesn't come even with the back of the picture frame you will need to fill it out using mat boards, form core board or card board placed just under the easel back, to bring it up flush with the picture frame.  This usually works out quite simply as most picture frame rappets are made deep enough to handle this job nicely.

If your picture frame is too shallow to fit all the materials, there is only two courses of action to be taken.  You can take your art work package apart and mount the art on a thinner mount board such as the back side of a piece of archival rag mat, or get a different picture frame.  It is possible to rout the picture frame rappet deeper using a router but that would definitely be a really last resort.  I have done this before and don't recommend it at all....

easel back installed into a picture frameThe picture here shows a quick simple method of just firing in a few points from a picture framers point driving gun.  Home framers can also use push points to do the same thing.  This method is very quick but slightly crude as far as looks are concerned.  But keep in mind these points can be covered later by the use of tape, which I'll discuss later.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Easel Back being installed into a picture frame

This quick method is actually quite popular in frame shops and stores because the points are easily removed, the backing taken out and different art work installed, or the easel  back can just be used elsewhere. This method leaves the easel back mostly undamaged as well.  Some other methods don't. 

installing an easel back into a picture frame using offset clipsAnother quick method is by the use of offset clips which can be effective to use when the material inside the picture frame does not quite fill up the frame. 

This makes it possible to quickly remove the items as well.  Also, the 1/8 inch offset clips can be pounded flat and used as a cleat to hold the items in the picture frame too.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Easel Back being installed into a picture frame

These two methods are nice in stores where things get changed around a lot and usually the framed item is not for sale.  For example, many stores now frame signage, mirrors, legal forms and other papers that need to be hung up or set on a shelf. 

installing an easel back into a picture frame with tapeA popular method of installing an easel back into a picture frame is by the use of Black tape.  This makes for a clean and neat job when done correctly. The images shown here are done using regular tan tape so you can see what I am doing. The Black tape looks lots better so you should use that.

The image shown here shows an easel back being installed into a picture frame using picture framers backing tape.  This tape is commonly used to seal the back of picture frames when the framer does not desire to use a whole sheet of paper backing. You should use our black tape when doing this job with easel backs.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Easel Back being installed into a picture frame

The glue on this tape is very, very sticky and will easily adhere to a wooden picture frame, an easel back or just about anything else. The glue on the paper backing tape we sell is very strong. 

I want you to know this fact because if you decide to remove this tape later on, it will ruin your easel back! This tape sticks like no other.  You can find many other uses for this tape I'm sure.

paper backing being used to install an easel back into a picture frameUsually when finishing the backs of picture frames with tape it is much nicer to use our black tape which matches the easel backs lots better and looks so much nicer.  I am using the tan tape here so you can see what I am doing.  Please keep in mind, that normally, you should use the black tape.

Click here to see a larger image of the
Easel Back being installed into a picture frame

What you want to do is to apply the black sealing paper all the way around the picture. You want to allow the tape to catch about 1/4 inch of the easel back and let the rest of the tape go out over the edge of the picture frame. 

Try to make the inside edge of the tape even all the way around and lift the easel backs tab to apply the tape under the tab. Try to make the edges of the tape on the inside look neat and even all the way around so your finished job looks nice.

You will notice the professional picture framers knife we sell, located laying on the easel back.  This knife has a metal tab beside the very sharp blade, which will allow  you to cut all the way around the outside of the picture frame, neatly cutting away the paper tape and automatically making an very nice, neat clean cut edge. This is almost impossible to do using a regular knife.  In fact, it would be foolish to try considering how little one of these knives cost.

This is the same knife used to cut the paper backing off around picture frames using the full sheet method of covering the backs of picture frames.  You know how easy it is to cut that sheet of paper off using one of these knives.

how to install an easel back using tapeWell, this tape is different.  This tape is not only very sticky, but is also very strong and you will find that you need to really use a lot of pressure to cut threw the paper backing tape. I admit it, our tape is strong. Seal a box with this stuff and it stays struck! 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Easel back being installed using tape

I just tell you this because if this is the first time cutting this tape you might think you got a dull blade or something.  Just work at it and  you will get the job done.


how to install easel backs into picture framesThe image shown here is an easel back installed in a picture frame using the black tape we sell. Installing them this way makes them look nice.  I always use the black tape and not the brown tape.  Remember the pictures above I used the brown tape so you could see what I was doing better. 

Click here to see a larger image showing
how to install easel backs in picture frames

This is a neat way to finish the blacks of picture frames.  To make the job look nice you really, really need a burnishing bone to rub down the tape and any wrinkles that you have.  A burnising bone is a very handy tool and we of course sell them on this web site so you don't have to go hunting hard to find one.

When using black tape the finished job is actually quite nice.  The tan tape don't look so cute, but I am using it to show you how the job is done.  Keep in mind using this method, the tape sticks so good that any attempt to remove it will usually ruin the easel back if that is important to you.

Do you need a longer foot on your easel back?

Another method not shown is taking an easel back that is larger than the picture frame being used and laying it on top of the whole picture frame. (by the way, this is a good method of getting a longer foot on the easel back if needed).

Lay the easel back on the picture frame covering the whole frame.  Then you nail the easel back onto the picture frame using our Brass Escutcheon Nails or Brass Decorative Nails found by searching our picture framing supplies index page.

To do this you should nail just one nail into each of two opposite corners to hold the easel back in place, then cut around the picture frame, cutting off the excess easel back using a sharp knife.  This makes it easy to see where to put the nails. 

The nails should be placed nicely so the finished job looks nice.  If no nails are desired, it is possible to lay the easel back onto the picture frame after applying glue to the picture frame first.  Just lay the easel back onto the picture frame, cover with a couple of stiff pieces of cardboard and some weight and let the whole thing dry before cutting the excess easel back away.

In the above methods, after cutting the easel back away it will be necessary to dress up the cut edge of the easel back. This is best done with a small paint brush and black acrylic paint, or sometimes a color that matches the picture frame.  Which ever looks best!

Or if you just need a longer foot, you can take an 11 x 14 easel back and cut the out side edges down to fit a 8 by 10 frame for example.  Just don't cut any of the easel back foot off until you are finished installing the easel back into the rappet of the picture frame.  When you are all done, just stand your picture up and cut the foot off to the best length for the picture. Do the same thing with other larger pictures. I use this method quite often.  It is a very easy method to use when a longer easel back foot is desired.

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We also sell manuel point drivers on our web site for home picture framers.