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Picture Framers Brushpicture framers brush

On this web site you can purchase many tools required to make it easy for you  to put pictures together. We have simple tools that make finishing picture frames fast, fun and easy for the home owner to their own picture framing.

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Framers Friend Dusting  Brush

Picture Framers brushes are made from natural hair and are used to remove dust and lint from pictures and mats. These brushes are also used in the drafting industry because unlike other brushes, dirt and lint does not stick to the bristles of these brushes. 

Other types of brushes can actually put more dirt and lint on your pictures than they remove. Other types of brushes also can scratch pictures, especially photographs. Use this picture framing brush and avoid these problems. These brushes have a nice full body of hair and clean in one or two swipes.

Our new Framers Friend dusting brush is the best dusting brush we have ever had.  It is made with nice soft sterilized horse hair that works just wonderful on any art and never leaves a scratch.  This brush has the best handle of any dusting brush we have ever had.  It is nice and large and easy to grip. This is by far the best dusting brush out there. This wonderful brush will last you a life time!

Framers Friend Framers Dusting Brush Price $10.89


zippy cutterAll Purpose Zippy Cutter

This is one of our most popular tools.  Don't confuse this tool with a letter opener! This is no toy but a real man sized heavy duty cutter that thinks it is both a scissors and a knife!

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All Purpose Zippy Cutter

This is no toy!  This cutter really works great. It is quite big.  In the picture above my whole hand fits into the handle of this cutter and I have good sized hands. 

This cutter will cut paper, textiles, cardboard, string you name it. It is even death on cardboard boxes!

Make both straight and curved cuts. It is safe and fast. It is heavy duty and strong. You will find this cutter to be great in your shop, home or office. It uses standard double edge razor blades, which can be changed. It comes with a blade pre-installed.  

All you have to do is slide the foot of the cutter under the material to be cut and push forward.  It cuts quick, neat and clean.  You don't have this tool around, you don't know what your missing!

Comes in Red, Yellow and Green and I can't promise you what you get!  They come to me different every time I get em. 

All Purpose Zippy Cutter Price $5.89
Zippy Cutter Refill Blades 2 PAC Price $1.89


retractable blade scraperRetractable Blade Scraper

This is the nicest Retractable Blade Scraper we have seen. It uses heavy duty single edge razor blades. It has a push pull action to expose the blade and will lock in place. 

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Retractable Blade Scraper

When I say lock in place, I mean it. This is one blade scraper that really locks! It can't be pushed open with pressure on the blade like the cheap ones do.  When you open the blade up you will hear a really loud solid click. This is the real deal of a tool. Don't confuse it with imitations!

The uses for this scraper are many, a must have for everyone not just picture framers. This item comes with extra blades.

Retractable Blade Scraper with blades Price $3.89
Heavy Duty Grade Razor Blades 5 PAC Price $1.69


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