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Foam Board Hangers


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foam fast picture hangersOn this web site you can purchase Foam Board and Cardboard Hangers which are the fastest, easiest way to hang foam board or cardboard mounted pictures or products on your walls.

These hangers are a must for department stores, schools, artists or anyone who needs to hang art mounted on foam board or cardboard.

#A. Foam Board Hangers 10 PAC Price $2.69
#A. Foam Board Hangers 50 PAC Price $10.89

 Style B - Card Board Hangers, no longer available

How To Use Foam Board Hangers

foam board hangersOur Foam Board Hangers are fast and easy to install, or reposition. No tools are required!

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Foam Board Hangers

Just push the clips on back of the hangers into the foam board and your done. They are designed for use with any foam or corrugated board.

These hangers work very well to hang up anything that has a foam board backing on them such as foam board mounted prints, and art work. They also work well with articles for sale in stores that are attached to any light weight foam board.

These hangers push in very easily and hang on very firmly to the foam board or card board.  It is also easy to remove them just by pushing them out.  If hung up items are handled a lot these hangers could fall out. 

foam board hanger in useIf it is desired to make the hangers stick in very strongly and not removable the very best way is to push the hangers into the cardboard or foam board and then all you need to do is place a piece of clear tape over the back side of the hanger as shown in the picture.  This makes these hangers much firmer and they won't fall out of the item if handled. 

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Foam Board hanger in use

This method works extremely well!  I really like these hangers, they are so easy to use and work so well.  I believe you will like them as well.


card board and foam board hangersThe next quick hanger we sell is our Cardboard Quick Hangers. These hangers were designed and made for hanging up any item that is attached to cardboard. 

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Cardboard and Foam board hangers

These hangers also work on foam board and other thin  boards that you are capable of pushing the prongs into.


card board hanger side viewThese hangers have prongs on them that you push into the card board or foam core board. To do this you have to push the hanger in and up slightly at the same time.  It is easy and fast to do this once you have pushed several in. 

Click here to see a side larger side view image of the Foam board and card board hanger

After the hangers are pushed into the board, there is a another small prong that you push in with your thumb or a small tool. When you push this prong in, it locks the hanger into the foam board or card board.  You can see this prong in the image above. It is the larger prong on the top side of the image above.  This prong pushes in quite easily with your thumb and very easily with a small blunt tool.

card board hanger installed in card boardThis image shows the cardboard hanger installed into a piece of card cardboard

The four prongs are easily pushed into the card board and then the larger center prong is pushed in. These hangers grip and hold quite well and will easily hold up most items, even large prints.

Click here to see a larger image of the cardboard hanger installed into a piece of cardboard.

These hangers snug up to the card board and will stay there on there own but again, if a firmer attachment is desired just place a piece of clear tape over the back side and you will find them very firmly attached.


card boad hanger istalled in foam core boardThis next picture shows the card board hanger installed in a piece of foam core board. The piece of foam core board being used here is a piece 3/16 inch thick.

This board is quite thick and the prongs don't go through the board.  Although the hanger works on this board, it is not stuck into the board as snugly and could work loose.

Click here to see a larger image of the cardboard hanger installed onto foam core board

In this case a piece of clear tape over the back side of the hanger is really needed.  This stops the hanger from backing out.  The hanger really grips the foam board quite well and won't drop off the wall as long as you have a piece of tape over the back side.

All our hangers are meant for a purpose.  There are always alternatives to be used.  For example many people use the self stick plastic hangers we sell to hang up prints and art that is attached to foam core board. Everything has it's place.  We sell items in small amounts to that you can have a few of everything around to fill that need when it arises.  Some times one small item can save the day! Especially when showing art at craft fairs and art shows.

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