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Picture Frame Glue


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On this web site you can purchase the strongest professional wood glue we have ever used for gluing picture frame corners together. Specialty formulated this is a white, clear drying wood glue that is the absolute strongest wood glue we have ever found.

When you get disgusted with all the rest, try this. It's the best! We HIGHLY recommend this wood glue to home picture framers because using it you just won't have problems with picture frame moulding corners coming loose when driving in V-Nails.

How many frames will each bottle do? Figures are based on a 1 inch wide moulding. Larger mouldings take more glue.

8 oz does over 100 frames - 4 oz does 50 + frames - 2 oz does 30+ frames

Professional Picture Frame Glue 2 OZ $3.69
Professional Picture Frame Glue 4 OZ $6.49
Professional Picture Frame Glue 8 OZ $9.89

This stuff is super strong. We've tried every glue on the market and none has yet been found to be anywhere near as strong as this glue. This glue is thick and creamy going on. This glue is not the same as other wood glues, it is 10 times stronger than common wood glues. It is a bummer to get a picture frame all glued together, then pound a nail into it and have the frame corner come unglued.

This glue blows all the other common wood glues we have tried away. If this glue don't hold your wood corners together for you, nothing else will.

You will have trouble using the common wood glues found in hardware stores. In fact those glues aren't very good at all in gluing frame corners together as they aren't strong enough to hold the corners together when driving in v nails and the frames just snap apart. The glue we sell has way more solids in it then common store brought wood glue. This makes our glue super strong and is specifically made for glueing picture frames together.

We encourage you to try this glue, not to sell you anything, but to make your job and life easier. It is an amazing difference. This glue sets up fast. Corners can be repositioned in 15 minutes to do the next corner. In two hours glue has reached 75% strength and frames can easily be nailed together by hand.

You don't have to coat both sides of the frame corner and you don't have to coat all of one side, just run a bead of glue on one corner. When pressed together if you have quite a bit of glue coming out the seam, you are using too much. This glue is super strong and you don't have to go over board on using it.

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