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Professional Picture Frame Markers


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picture frame markersOn this web site you can purchase Professional Picture Frame Touch Up Markers that are used to touch up scrapes and bruises on picture frames.

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Professional Picture Frame Markers

They are also used to darken the edges of the picture frame corners before gluing the picture frame corners together. This gives a really professional looking corner.

All Markers below $5.69 each

Light Oak Oak Pro Marker
Medium Oak Pro Marker
Dark Oak Pro Marker
Medium Cherry Pro Marker

Dark Cherry Pro Marker
Walnut/Mahogany Pro Marker
Dark Walnut Pro Marker
Black Pro Marker

Blender Pro Marker

The markers below are clearanced priced below our cost. Just $3.49

Ultra Marine Pro Marker
True Blue Pro Marker

Leaf Green Pro Marker
Evergreen Pro Marker
Crimson Red Pro Marker
Wine Red Marker

Maroon Pro Marker
Salmon Pro Marker
Cadmium Yellow Pro Marker

How To Use Professional Picture Frame
Corner Markers

using picture frame markers on a picture frameWe use these picture frame markers on the corners of every picture frame that we put together in our shop. You don't paint the whole corner with the markers, all you do is paint the very top edge of the picture frame molding where it comes together.

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Professional Corner Markers in Use

It makes a world of difference in the look of your picture frames. These markers will last the average home picture framer a very long time.

These picture frame markers are very strongly recommended by us to make your corners look professional. They are made special for picture framers to match the woods most commonly used and to blend in with out painting over. Example, regular markers such as you find in stores won't work. Store markers contain paint which paints over the picture frames, you would ruin a picture frame using regular store markers. These special picture frame markers contain real wood stains.

picture frame corner marker in useIn using these professional picture frame touch up markers to put a new picture frame together all you need to do is mark just the top edge of the frame corners.

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picture frame Corner Marker in use

This way, after your picture frames are joined, the corner seam almost disappears. Using them makes a big difference in the looks of your finished picture frames!

This method of marking just the top edge of your picture frame chops, just before gluing them together makes the seam in the corner look 100 % better.  Wooden picture frames have whitish colored wood with a coating of various finishes on top.  When you put the picture frames together, when looking at the corners, you can see a whitish seam where the corner is joined together.  Using these markers along the top sides of both of the corner chops makes this seam almost disappear on many frames.  It certainly helps every picture frame!

Corner markers are not just used on the corners. These markers are just perfect for touching up nicks and dents in picture frames. Using the right color you can repair most picture frames so that the dings and dents are almost unnoticeable.  You can also blend two colors together just by rubbing one color over another.

We also sell a blender, that with careful use, will allow you to blend the two colors together right on the picture frame.  Many times I can get so close this way but not perfect. 

What I do then is use the Black corner marker on top of the other colors I have laid down.  I just barely touch the black marker onto the top of the other colors, and quickly smear them together with my finger.  This method works many, many times to completely hide the repair. It has saved me many times.

The black marker has different ink in it so using this method you must be careful not to use too much.  Practice on a scape piece to see what I mean.

If you mess up, the blender marker will remove the colors you have laid down most of the time.

finished picture frame corner After using the touch up markers on the edge of the picture frame chops, and you put the picture frame together in a vise. If the markers have been used properly it will hide that whitish line that is seen on the top of the finished corners that have not had the edges marked.

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finished picture frame corner

It makes the picture frame corners look so much better to have the picture frame corners marked!

Sometimes a picture frame will not "take" the color from these markers.  It is because of the finish that has been applied.  In that case you have to use colored paints.  Not many picture frames are like this.  I don't like them at all as I want to be able to repair every frame I do, because sooner or later someone will bang one up and bring it to me to fix. 

In all the picture frames I sell, I check almost every frame to make sure they will work with these markers.  I don't purchase ones that won't work, but sometimes unbeknownst to me they change the finish.  When I find them they get deleted from my inventory when the stock is gone.  That shows you how much I like to be able to repair my frames easily.

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