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On this web site you can purchase glass cleaners that are made to clean the glass so that it is absolutely clean and clear. The last thing you want to do is frame a picture, close it up and then have a customer find smudges or fingerprints on the inside of the glass where it cannot be removed without opening up the back of the framed picture.

sprayway glass cleaner for cleaning  picture frame glass

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

This could be the ultimate glass cleaner! It has no ammonia, and you don't want any if your framing photography. It comes out of the can and onto the glass foamy and cleans glass to the ultimate shine.

Guaranteed to leave no film ! Non caustic and pleasant to use. Really, really, great stuff ! This super size spray can will last the average framer months! It goes a long way.

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Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Just spray a little on the glass and wipe it off with a cloth glass wipe.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Large 20 oz. spray can Price $6.89

dirtex cleaner

Dirtex Spray Cleaner

This is one of the finest cleaners we have ever used. This extra strength cleaner will clean the most stubborn spots off glass, mirrors, porcelain, tile and chrome.  Absolutely great for cleaning work benches and picture framing tools.

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Dirtex Cleaner in a spray can

It removes dirt, grease and grime and restores a brilliant shine to kitchens and bathrooms. The real secret to this stuff is to hide it from your wife so that you can keep it in your frame shop to clean with!

This stuff works great !

Dirtex Spray Cleaner 18 oz. Can Price $6.49

How To Clean Glass In Picture Frames

how to clean picture frame glassWhen you are framing pictures the best time to clean the glass is after the picture mats are cut and after the art work has been mounted on the back board. When everything is ready and the glass is cut, lay the sheet of glass on top of the mat. 

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Spray Way picture frame glass cleaner

The Spray way glass cleaner goes on to the glass as a sort of foamy material as shown in the picture here.

cleaning picture frame glassSpray on a little cleaner in the center of the glass and using a towel spread it around and clean the surface as you normally would.  You will find the glass to become really nice and super clean using the cleaners above. 

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cleaning picture frame glass

The Sprayway cleaner comes out as a foam and cleans quickly and cuts through grease and fingerprints nicely.

I never use Windex glass cleaner on framed pictures because so far it always seems to leave a film behind that may or may not show up until a week or two later. Just like it does on my house windows.  I would use good glass cleaner on them too, except my wife cleans em! And I have been told not to butt in.

When the top side of your picture frame glass is clean just turn the glass over and clean the other side the same way.  Be careful not to put finger prints on your newly cleaned surface as you turn it over.

When you have the glass all clean, laying on top of the mat, with the art all enclosed, there is one thing left to do.  I use scotch tape to seal around the edges of the glass, mats and art work.  I just tear off strips of the tape and seal around the whole picture.  I make the tape strips plenty long enough to do the job, then just cut and tear off any extra when the corner is reached.  I do this around the whole picture art package.  This makes a nice sealed package to be inserted into the picture frame and no dust can get under it. 

sealing art work before mounting in picture framesBefore sealing the glass package together, make sure everything is perfect, the glass is super clean and there is no dust on the art or mat.  Look closely as you won't believe how good those specks can hide!

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Art, mats, and glass being sealed

Why do I bother with doing this? Because it is so much easier to do this then to tear apart a whole picture frame again, after the backing and everything is on, just to remove a piece or speck of dust or dirt on the art or mat.

If you do not seal the art around the edges what happens is this. You have your unsealed art and glass package and insert it into the picture frame. Unless that picture frame is super clean, when you drop the glass-art package into it dust will be blown into and under the glass and always seem to land right on top of the mat or art.  If it don't get in now, it will when you go to insert the staples, nails or push points that hold the glass-art into the picture frame.  By the time you notice it you will have the backing paper on and maybe even the wiring.  It has happened to me enough times so that I just now seal the glass-art first and get it over with.  It also makes for a first rate picture framing job too. A Pro's job!

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