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Professional Glass Cuttersglass cutter

On this web site you can purchase hand held professional glass cutters that work very well for cutting glass.

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Professional Glass Cutter

It is very easy for you to learn how to cut glass using one of these glass cutting tools.

Professional Glass Cutter Price $6.89


fletcher score mate plastic cutter

Fletcher Score Mate Plastic Cutter

This plastic cutter works great to cut plastic sheet material such as plexi glass or acrylics. 

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Fletcher Score Mate Plastic Cutter

 The sheets of acrylic that is used in picture frames can be cut quite easily using one of these tools.  


Professional Heavy Duty Plastic Cutter Price $8.69


How To Cut Picture Frame Glass

how to cut glassCutting picture frame glass is actually quite easy using just these hand held tools. There have been a few people who have wrote me telling me that no matter how hard they try, they just can't cut glass without it breaking where they don't want it to or some other failure. 

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How to cut picture frame glass

Anyone can learn how to cut glass. All the glass cutters we sell are the exact same cutters used by professionals everywhere.

If you fit into this category I am going to immediately, transform you into a really good glass cutter able and willing to cut any glass for any picture frame. Of course I can only do this if you follow the following simple instructions in the next paragraph to the letter.

If you are having problems what I want you to do is this.  Right now I want you to go dig out of that dirty drawer your trusty old glass cutter.  It's in there somewhere!

OK, now that you have it, I want you to go to your plastic trash can usually beside the refrigerator.  That's it, you can fine it.  Next I want you to open the lid on the trash can and toss in your glass cutter, stomp it down with your foot, close the lid and go buy another one.   Come on, don't be cheap, you can do it.  Yes get rid of that old sucker once and for all.  Glass costs to much to be fooling around with that thing!

Why do I say this.  Because.  Almost all problems that anyone ever has cutting glass is related to using a dull glass cutter.  With a good sharp glass cutter, Anyone that can hold the cutter can easily cut glass.  It is that simple period.

It is easy to spot a really dull glass cutter. If you make a light score line on the glass and you look close and see missed spots in your score line, your cutter is dull and you need to replace it. No amount of hard pressing will fix it, and in fact hard pressing down on the cutter will just make matters worse. Not even a professional picture framer can cut glass with a dull glass cutter.

If you don't' see missed spots in the score line, that doesn't necessary mean your cutter is sharp either!   If you make a nice, simple score line down a sheet of glass and attempt to break it with your hands and the glass breaks elsewhere, that means you got a dull cutter.  Why waste glass? Toss that thing away!

Well - there is another reason it might not break down the line, but I hate to tell you about it.   It is this, you might be cutting the glass on the wrong side.  I can hear you now. Come on, really now!  Quit joking with me..

Well it is true but the average person isn't most likely to run into this glass.  There is some expensive picture framing glass out there, usually reflection free glass, that will only cut correctly if cut on the right side.  This glass is almost always marked on the bottom edge of the sheet and will say,"score on the opposite side".  If you see those words, you gotta cut it on the opposite side.  That glass won't cut cleanly even on an expensive $3500.00 wall mounted glass cutter unless you cut it on the prober side.

If a sheet of this glass has been previously cut, those "score on the opposite side" words may have been cut off!   So, let this be a lesson to you.  Never agree to cutting anyone else's glass unless you make it very clear to them you won't be responsible for it not breaking correctly.  Unless you like replacing someone's glass for free.

Back to cutting regular glass.

glass cutting is easySometimes one tries it and and finds it difficult. Usually It is because they are either using an older tool which is no longer sharp or because they are trying too hard.  Since you now have a nice sharp tool -right...   Your most likely trying too hard.

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How to cut glass easy

When cutting glass just press down lightly but firmly and make a clean quick score. Then just snap off the piece using your fingers.  It is super easy to cut glass this way. So easy I have shown it to lots of people and they all do it the first time.

All you need to do is to make a easy, quick clean score line with the glass cutter across the face of the glass.  You can do this by using a ruler as a guide to ride the glass cutter down the sheet.  Then firmly, and I mean firmly, just break the glass off.  Don't be chicken.

Only two things are required. On is that you either have to firmly hold the ruler,  (our metal one works good) or at least use a clamp to hold the ruler if the sheet of glass is big to help you make a nice straight line.  Forget trying to mark the glass and then trying to make a perfectly straight cut free hand. That won't work for you at this stage.

By that I mean trying to make a perfect straight free hand cut.  The quickest way to learn to cut glass (getting the right pressure for instance) is to get a sheet of glass and make some free hand quick curving cuts as in the picture above.  Just have fun cutting up a sheet of glass.  By the time you've cut it to many pieces you'll be cutting like a  pro!

The second requirement is that once you make the score line cut, you must break the sheet of glass off within two minutes.  After that time all bets are off.

Glass is actually a liquid, not a solid. It heals itself, and the glass must be broken off within a couple of minutes of making the score.  If you don't it may or may not break all the way down the score line.

If you score glass and you attempt to break it right now, without waiting, and it doesn't break cleanly all the way down the score line it is because you most likely tried too hard and pushed down on the glass cutter too hard.  You don't want to do that.  Don't try so hard, cutting glass is easy. (with a sharp glass cutter)

It is easy to cut glass, just don't try so hard, or bare down so hard. All you need is a very light score line, not a heavy indentation.

After cutting your glass, you can make your glass cutter last a lot longer if you put a drop of lighter fluid on the cutting end of it, or some other really light weight oil and wipe it off.  This makes a very big difference in how long your glass cutter lasts.

You can do this!

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Sincerely, Reimond Grignon