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Cloth Hooks and Hangers


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On this web site you can purchase Cloth Hangers that are used to hang up pictures or craft items.  These hangers allow you to move items around or replace items without having to damage your walls or needing to replace hangers. 

gummed cloth hangersCloth Hooks and Eyelet Hangers

These are great hangers to use when you find it necessary to move pictures or craft items around.  It makes it easy to replace one item with another item easily.

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Cloth Wall Hook Hanger Part

The picture you see here on the right is called the Wall Hook Part.  This is one part of a two part hanger system.  The other part and picture is shown below.

Gummed Cloth Hook Hangers.   5 Hooks and 5 Eyelets per Pac $2.49

Gummed Cloth HangersHow To Use Cloth Hooks and Eyelet Hangers

The picture you see here on the right is called the Cloth Eyelet.  This is the second part of this two part hanger system.

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Cloth Eyelet Hanger



Make sure you understand that there are two parts to this hanger system, what happens is that most people put the Wall Hook Part on the wall, or the back board you are going to use.

The Wall Hook shown is the Cloth Hook Hanger, the Eye shown is the Cloth Eyelet Hanger. The Hook goes on the wall, the Eye goes on the item to be hung up.

The Eye Hook part of the hanger is placed on the items to be hung up.  The biggest reason this is done, is so that you can, for example, stack up the items without worrying about the hook causing damage to your stacked items.  Or the the hook getting broke.  It is just much better to have the hook up on the wall or back board and then it is out of the way.

The Eyelet part of the hanger is installed on the items you wish to hang up. Since they are mostly flat, these don't usually get in the way when you wish to stack items for boxing, shipping or storage.  It is much better to have the eye part placed on the items to be hung up. Most use glue or atg tape to apply the hangers.

You always want to install them the same way every time, so that in the future you can move items around at will.  If you place some wall hooks on pictures, and eyes on the wall you will soon make a mess of things and will not be able to move items around without soon tearing hangers off of something.  Stick to the system and you will be happy later!

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