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Hardware Kits For The Homeowner


Your #1 Source For Picture Frame Supplies

On this site you can purchase all kinds of picture framing and hardware kits. There are wood and sheet metal screw kits, cup hooks, washers, nails, nuts and bolts and more.

Install a few of these kits in your kitchen drawer and you'll be ready for any little emergency.

We got a deal on these and most of the kits below are priced 40-60% below retail prices in stores.

wood screws kit


Wood Screws Kit

This 95 piece kit is ideal for use in your home, shop, or office.

Wood Screw Kit Price $2.69

assorted washers kit


Assorted Washers Kit

This 146 piece washers kit contains almost every washer most commonly used around the home or office. Contains both flat and locking split ring washers!


Assorted Washer Kit Price $2.49

Sheet metal Screws kit


Assorted Sheet Metal Screws Kit

95 piece assorted sheet metal screws kit that is ideal for use in your home, office or workshop.


Assorted Sheet Metal Screws Kit Price $2.69

assorted nuts and bolts kit


Assorted Nuts and Bolts Kit

This is a 100 piece assorted nuts and bolts kit that should fix just about anything that needs fixing around the home, office of shop.


Assorted Nuts and Bolts Kit Price $2.89

Toggles, anchors,and hooks kit


Toggles, Anchors & Hooks Kit

Here is a 45 piece Toggles, anchors and hooks kit that will hang up objects and pictures on all walls where there just isn't a solid grip to be found. You will find this kit very useful.

Toggles, Anchors & Hooks Kit Price $3.49

Handy Hook Kit


Handy Hook Kit

This 50 piece hook kit contains an assortment of screw hooks in many sizes to hang up objects such as cups, plates, and plants.

Handy Hook Kit Price $3.49

cup hooks


Cup Hooks Kit

This is a 16 piece assortment of cup and plant hanger hooks.


Assorted Cup Hooks Kit Price $3.49

Assorted Nails Kit


Assorted Nails Kit

A kit of 119 assorted nails which are commonly used around the home, office and shop to repair many items.


Assorted Nails Kit Price $2.39

Mirror Holders


Mirror Holders Kit

This 36 piece Mirror Holder kit is designed to hang up all sizes and types of mirrors. Directions on back of package.


Mirror Holder Kit Price $2.49
picture frame screw eyes kit


Picture Frame Screw Eyes Kit

Here is a really great 50 piece assortment of picture framers screw eyes that will do the job for you.


Picture Frames Screw Eyes Kit Price $2.69

picture hooks kit

Picture Hangers Kit

This 14 piece Picture Hangers Kit contains an assortment of picture hooks that will hang almost any picture you have.


Picture Hangers Kit Price $2.49

Picture Hooks Kit


Picture Hook Kit

This 50 piece picture hook kit that contains everything you need to hang up many pictures. Screw eyes, wire, picture hooks, nail less hangers.

Picture Hook Kit Price $3.69

One Step Picture Hangers


One Step Picture Hangers Kit

This 18 piece assortment of one step picture hangers will hang pictures weighting from 10 pounds to 60 pounds.


One Step Picture Hangers Kit Price $2.29

Picture Frame and Wall Saver Kit


Frame and Wall Saver Kit

This 52 piece Assorted Frame and Wall Saver Kit contains a good assortment of picture frame bumpons to protect your walls and picture frames. Retails over $4.00 in stores!


Frame and Wall Saver Kit Price $2.49

pictrure strap hangers


Ring Hangers and Frame Backs Kit

Here is a 34 piece picture hanger kit that contains ring hangers, sawtooth hangers, and keyhole hangers.


Ring Hangers & Frame Backs Kit Price $3.49

Pro Picture hangers


Pro Picture Hangers Kit

This 25 piece Pro Picture Hangers Kit contains picture hangers designed to hang pictures weighting from 10 to fifty pounds. Retails over $6.00 in stores!


Pro Picture Hangers Kit Price $2.89
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