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Hinging Tapes For Works of Art


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On this web site you can purchase picture hinging tapes and professional picture framers archival mounting and hinging tapes. You use hinging tapes to mount photographs and other works of art to back boards prior to matting and framing them. Using hinging tapes is one of the easiest and most used ways to mount works of art. If you desire to archival mount your works of art you need to use archival hinging tapes, archival back boards and matting.

lineco self adhesive hinging tissueLineco Self Adhesive Mounting / Hinging Tissue

This is an acid free, pressure sensitive, mounting tissue. It is used for hinging, mending, mounting pictures , and sealing of photos, prints, drawings.

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Lineco Self Adhesive Hinging Tissue

This tissue virtually disappears when burnished with our burnishing bone, great for repair work. Used on lighter weight photos and prints for hinging. This tape is widely used to mount and hinge light or translucent art as this tape will not show through the art.

Lineco Self Adhesive Hinging Tissue 1 inch by 400 inches Price $12.89


lineco gummed paper hinging tapeLineco Gummed Paper Hinging Tape

This is a high quality white archival paper tape for hinging heavy works of art on paper. With it's high tensile strength, it can also be used to seal the backs of picture frames and the sides of photographic glass plates.

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Lineco Gummed Paper Hinging Tape

This is a high tensile strength, water activated hinging tape which will support all but the heaviest of art papers. It is an acid free product and is reversible.

Lineco Gummed Paper Hinging Tape 1 inch by 130 Feet Price $10.69


lineco gummed linen hinging tapeLineco Gummed Linen Hinging Tape For Heavy Art

This is a very strong gummed linen tape with a 64/52 thread count. The fabric is pliable and ideal for use as hinge mounting material or for heavy repair work or hanging heavy art.

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Lineco Gummed Linen Hinging Tape

The Adhesive is acid free and reversible with water and has excellent tack and lay flat properties. Full directions for use on box. Best tape made for using on expensive art works.

Ph neutral, acid free. Best Quality Tape!

Lineco Gummed Linen Hinging Tape 1 inch by 10 yards $12.49


professional picture framers tapeProfessional Picture Framers Tape

This super picture framing tape is a must for the picture frame workshop. Use it for hinge mounting photographs, art works, drawings and many other uses.

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Professional Picture Framers Tape

This very versatile tape is PH Neutral. The tape is pressure sensitive and very tacky. Very strong will hold any size print. This tape is acid free.

Professional Framers Tape 3/4 inch by 60 yards Price $10.89


double coated vinyl tapeScotch Double Coated Vinyl Tape

This is a very tacky vinyl base adhesive tape.  It is used to hold two surfaces together and is to be used for heavy duty mounting or for holding mats together.  It is much stonger than ATG tape.  Use this tape very you need maximum holding power. The protective liner is easily removed by hand. Works great!

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Scotch Double Coated Vinyl Tape

Scotch Double Coated Vinyl Tape 3/4 inch x 60 yards Price $12.69

How To Hinge Mount Pictures and Art

hinge mounted photographI like hinge mounting as it is simple, fast and no glues or expensive presses or other machines are required.  It is a very, very good way for home owners to mount works of art.

Hinge mounting pictures and works of art is considered one of the most archival ways of mounting art, as long as the prober hinge mounting tape is used. Much of the art and photographs seen in museums and many art galleries have been hinge mounted.

It is considered very archival because hinge mounting works of art insures that the art is completely removable and can be returned to its former condition.

It would be best to give you a short explanation of archival mounting.  For any art to be considered archival mounted and framed the art must be mounted on only archival acid free mount boards, all the mats must be rag mats or acid free mats, the hinges or tape used on the back side of the mount must be acid free.  The art must never come in contact with wood picture frame mouldings, card board or other acid filled products.

So, if you want to archival mount works of art you must use archival tapes, hinges,  mats and products.

But, hinge mounting also works great on children's posters, your family photos, and that big picture of Rover hanging over the fireplace.  And you don't have to archivally mount them, you can use cheaper tapes, mats and backing if you want.  You decide.

Either way, you can hinge mount all your works of art the same way.  It is mostly only the materials used that really make the difference between an archival mount or a non archival mount.

To hinge mount a photo for example.  You will need a backing board such as foam core board.  Don't ever use card board to mount anything on.  Card board will ruin most any art in a really, really short time.

Let us say you want to mount a picture in a 16 x 20 frame.  You will need a mount board, or foam core board.  Make this board 16 x 20 inches.  You will also need a  mat board cut so the image will show through the opening.

mounting a picureYou turn your art face down on a table and using two strips of hinge mounting tape, place one strip on each side of the photograph. Then turn the photo over and place it in the exact spot you need it to be, on the mount board you are going to use.

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how to mount pictures

Read our instruction articles on mounting works of art.  Link is on the left of this page.

You than take two more strips of hinge mounting tape and tape across the first two strips you placed on the photo. This holds the photo to the mounting board and is all that is required to hold it there. You should never have any hinging tape or other tape touching the face of the art work or photo.

You always want to hinge mount all photos and other works of art to the mount board.  You never hinge mount anything to the back of a finished mat board with the cut out in it.  Sometimes I see this.  It is the work of an amateur. Finished mat boards that are meant to be placed on top of the art should never have anything taped or mounted to them.

You can however use mat boards as mounting boards if turned over and you mount  your photo or art to the back side.  Foam core boards work really good and most people use them to mount art on.

I have several articles on this web site about mounting methods including hinge mounting where you can learn lots more about the technique.

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