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Interlocking Security Picture Hangers


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interlocking security hangers for picture framesOn this web site you can purchase Interlocking Security Picture Hangers that will hold your pictures fast to the wall so they won't get accidentally knocked down.

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Interlocking Security Hangers

These picture hangers will deter theft and usually kids can't get the pictures off the wall. They are really nice to use on walls where small children are present.

These hangers measure 1 3/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches square. This measurement does not count the tab that sticks up on top of the first picture you see above. You can use one set for smaller pictures but most use two sets on larger pictures, one on either side of the picture frame.

The sets includes both parts you see above, plus all screws and plastic wall inserts, everything you need.

1 Interlocking Security Hanger Set Price $3.49
Interlocking Security Hanger Sets 5 PAC Price $14.89


How To Use Interlocking Security Hangers

how to install interlocking security hangers on picture framesInterlocking security hangers are used where you want to secure a heavy picture that you don't want to see get knocked down such as large heavy bathroom mirrors.

The top flange stops framed pictures, mirrors and art work from coming off the wall due to being accidentally knocked, or even being lifted up.

These hangers put an absolute stop to quick theft by grab and go thieves as you cannot quickly grab an item and run.

To release the picture from the wall you can do so easily using a flat screwdriver to push the flange in while lifting up on the picture. 

This is easily done but takes a little practice and thieves do not usually have this much time. This means the pictures are not burglar proof, but they are earthquake and child proof !

Interlocking Security hangers will hold up a very, very heavy picture.

Interlocking security picture hangers are used on wooden picture frames that are 2 inches wide or wider. The piece with the tab on top gets screwed to the wall. The other piece gets screwed to the wood picture frame.

On lighter pictures you can easily get exact wall placement of the picture by screwing the two pieces to the wall first, then measure and put the other brackets on the top rail of the picture frame.  This method usually requires two interlocking security hanger sets in order to make sure the picture stays hanging level.  This method is used mostly when a person wants to make sure he hits a wall stud.  Otherwise it is best to put the brackets on the picture frame first.

Many pictures require only one, two piece set; used in the middle of the picture frame. Larger pictures can be hung up using two sets, one set installed on each side of the picture.  Using two sets makes it much easier to hang up pictures perfectly level, and they of course cannot be moved out of level after once being hung up.

To hang up easily, screw the pieces to the picture frame first, that way you can get the exact measurement for the wall pieces. 

If you are hanging up really heavy items such as a framed bathroom mirror.  You should put the hangers on the side rails, or side pieces of the framed picture.  That way you you are making sure that the top rail of the picture frame does not get pulled off the picture frame, if the picture is extremely heavy. In this case you would want to put the interlocking piece on the picture frame first, then you get your measurements from the picture frame to located the wall pieces that are going on your wall.

You also want to make sure on heavy items that the piece on the wall is securely attached.

Please note that in all the pictures below, the security hanger is being installed on the top rail of this picture frame.  If you are installing the interlocking hangers on the side rail, the piece would be installed  with the moulding going vertically, not horizontally as shown.

interlocking security picture hanger installed on a picture frameIn all cases, you should have the security hanger piece screwed to the wood frame, so that the top edge of the hanger piece is 1/2 inch down from the top of the wooden picture frame as shown.

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interlocking security hanger installed on a picture frame

This hides the top locking part on the wall from showing over the top edge of the wooden picture frame when the picture is hung on the wall.

The picture shown above is showing an interlocking security hanger in use on a picture frame top rail.  The part for the picture frame has been screwed to the picture frame moulding as shown in the above photograph.

When using the hangers on the side rails of the picture frame, you want to try to get at least the two bottom screws into the wooden side rail piece.  The trick is to get the hanger grabbing the side rail, yet be able to keep the security hanger up as far as possible (with in the 1/2 inch) so that it won't be too difficult to take the picture off the wall.  If the hanger is located too low, it makes it much more difficult to take the picture off the wall.  You will see what I mean by studying the pictures below.  

interlocking security hanger in use on a picture frameThe photo shown here has me holding the wall bracket in place on the piece that I previously screwed to the top rail of the picture frame. 

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Interlocking Security Picture Hanger in place on a wooden picture frame

This photo is meant to show you what the two items will look like when you bring the picture down on to the wall mounted bracket when that piece gets screwed to the wall.

These pictures are also a help to show you how the brackets go together, if you happen to separate them when you receive them.  Sometimes ii is a little tricky to put things back together if you have never used an item before.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our picture hangers.

interlocking security hanger installed on a picture frameThis next picture is another view of the Interlocking Security picture hanger installed on a picture frame. 

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interlocking security picture hanger installed on a picture frame

As you can see in the picture, I am just holding the wall bracket in place with my fingers.  You would of course mount this bracket piece on the wall.  The wall bracket piece is the piece with the little flange sticking up from the top as in the diagram at the top of this page.

If you got everything measured out and installed correctly, all you have to do is pick up the picture and drop it into place onto the wall mounted bracket pieces. It is as simple as that.  The pieces all come together nicely and click into place. 

That little tab is just a locking mechanism.  The picture doesn't hang by that.  The picture hangs on the two heavy duty plates.  These hangers are super rugged and will hang up very heavy weight pictures, or the lighter ones as well.  The pictures always stay level and don't come off the wall unless you know the little trick as to how to remove them. They are wonderful to discourage thieves and in earthquake prone areas, your pictures are not coming off the wall no matter how much shaking goes on.

The Interlocking Security picture hangers are easy to install.  Like everything in life the first one might take a little thinking but after that you will be putting them up like a professional. 

You can do this!

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