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Gold and Silver Leafing Kits


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On this web site you can purchase Gold and Silver Leafing kits, Gold Leafing, Silver Leafing to restore and repair old or damaged picture frames. These leafing kits will also allow you to apply gold and silver leafing to new picture frames to make a truly unique picture frame that is all yours. The kits are easy to use and come with instructions. It is actually quite hard to go wrong! You can cover most anything with gold and silver leafing. You only limit is your imagination!

gold and silver leafing kits Old World Art Leafing Kits

These kits contain 2 oz. liquid adhesive, 2 oz. satin sealer, two brushes, a burnishing cloth, book of leafing, and instructions. This Leafing kit is a three step process that is easy and can be applied to any surface.  Everything is packed in a plastic tube.

Gold Kit Not available

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Old World Art Leafing Kits

Old World SILVER Leafing Kit
Price $14.29

Liquid gold Leaf


Plaid Classic Liquid Leaf

Creates the classic luster of leafing, adding a brilliant NOT brassy, glow to wood, metal, glass, ceramics, wax, leather, paper, paper mache, cardboard, plastic, plaster, and pottery. Flexible and fast drying.

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Plaid Classic Liquid Leaf

Beautiful to paint brilliant gold lines on furniture or works of art. This is a one step process.

0.75 FL. oz. bottles.

Florentine Gold Liquid Leaf Price $5.65
Renaissance Liquid Leaf Price $5.65
Silver Liquid Leaf Price $5.65


gold leaf and silver leaf

Old World Art Gold and Copper Leafing Sheets
(Gold and silver no longer available)

This is the finest quality composition leafing made. Booklets of 25 sheets. Sheet size is 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".

The beautiful variegated sheets have multicolored hues. No two sheets are alike. All are AP nontoxic. All sheets are German - La.La. 1st quality leafing.

Copper Leaf 25 Sheet Book Price $9.69


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