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Professional Magnetic Hangers


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magnetic hangersOn this web site you can purchase magnetic hangers to hang up your pictures or other items. Magnetic Hangers hangers are completely magnetic and instantly attach to any steel surface. You don't have to drill any holes or use any nails or screws.

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Professional Magnetic Hangers

5 lb Magnetic Picture Hanger 3x4 inches Price $12.89
10 lb Magnetic Picture Hanger 2x7 inches Price $14.89
15 lb Magnetic Picture Hanger 4x7 inches Price $16.89
25 lb Magnetic Picture Hanger 6x9 inches Price $19.89


How To Use Magnetic Picture Hangers

magnetic picture hanger in use on a steel doorUsing these hangers is as easy as sticking them on any steel surface such as doors, refrigerator and most any flat steel or iron surface. The hangers have a rubber coating so they don't scratch or mar your surface. They have a strong magnet and will easily hold the listed weight with out slipping. These are professional magnetic hangers. Don't confuse these with anything you might see in stores. These are not toys.

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Magnetic Picture Hanger in use on a steel door

In the picture here what I have done is place the smallest (5 lb size) magnetic picture hanger on my exterior steel door.  The door is 36 inches wide and you can see the size of the framed picture used in comparison.  This framed picture is not light, it is framed using a sheet of 1/8 conservation glass and the backing is completely filled out. It is amazing what these magnetic picture hangers will hang up.

Not only was the picture firmly attached to the door, but after taking this photo I went over to the door and placed my hand on top of the picture and pushed down.  The hanger did not move until I pushed down really hard.  These hangers will hold up a lot of weight.

On the picture I left the wire long so you could see what I was doing and see the picture, wire and hanger all at the same time.  You don't have to have the wire this long, you can use the magnetic hangers the same way as any other hanger and hang up any picture.

After taking the picture off the hanger it was time to remove the magnetic picture hanger.  I want to warn all ladies out there with nice finger nails to make sure they let someone else remove the hanger.  I got to tell you I really had to work to get that sucker off the door. It doesn't come off easily, even trying to peel it off and I can see lots of torn finger nails with the ladies trying to get this thing off that door.  I am not joking!   And this is the smallest size, I didn't try the larger sizes.

These hangers would be nice to have a couple around when the need arises.  You could put the bigger one on the door and hang your naughty children on them for a while. Then you could just swing them in and out when the need arises.

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