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Mat Board and Picture Frame Files


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On this web site you can purchase Mat Board and Frame Files that work great to touch up nicks and dents on mat boards and to touch up picture frame corners before putting picture frame chops together. They can dress up the edges of you picture frame chops saving you lots of work and make your picture frames look better.

Mat Board and Picture Frame Files

These files are no longer available to us as the company closed down. They worked great so am leaving this how to use file here, in case you find something like them elsewhere.


mat board saver filesHow To Use Mat Board
and Picture Frame Files

Have you ever cut a mat board on using a mat cutter and when you got done you find the sharp cut edge of the board is not up to your liking.  Maybe you used a dull blade!  Using a dull blade is a neat trick to make your work day last longer! 

Click here to see a larger image of the Mat Board
and Picture Frame Files

One of my favorite tools, the Mat and Frame Files can be used to dress up the cut edge of mat boards and save your work. 

Sometimes when cutting a mat slight blemishes can be created on the cut edge even when a new sharp blade is installed on your mat cutter.  This can happen on several mats consistently due to how those mat boards were manufactured. They are just plain hard mats to cut. 

I remember maybe just 4 or 5 mats like this out of hundreds so it doesn't happen often.  But if you let your blade get just a little dull, blemishes can happen a lot more often so you should always use a nice sharp blade.  But when it does happen not all is lost if you have one of these mat board files handy.  These files can almost instantly fix the problem if if isn't too bad. 

mat board being repaired with a mat board fileThe Mat and Frame File can remove slight blemishes on the cut edge and even fix a corner.  This of course implies that you haven't like really - really damaged the mat too bad.

Click here to see a larger image of the
mat board being repaired with a mat board file

Go to extremes and nothing will fix a mat except cutting a new mat.  But if a mat has only one or two little problems, many times the mat and frame file will fix it easy and save the day for you. 

Mat and Frame Files are also used to touch up picture frames and picture frame corners. These files work extremely well on a picture frame. I use them to dress up any picture frame corner that needs it. 

how to repair a picture frame cornerIf a picture frame chop corner has a slight nick or dent in it these files will easily fix the frame corner. 

Click here to see a larger image showing
how to repair a picture frame corner

The files work very good on wooden picture frames to take out any rough edges on a corner before putting the picture frame together.

If you use the file on any part of a picture frame that has the final finish, on the picture frame, then you are also going to need to have our picture frame corner markers handy to help in restoring the picture frame to a like new condition.  You need to be careful when using the files to only remove blemishes and such from the cut ends unless you are equipped to handle working on the picture frame finishes as well. 

Professional picture framers work with picture frames all the time. Picture frames get damaged during shipping, dropping on the floor, and having to recut corners. 

Good picture framers know how to repair all these to like new condition as picture frame chops are non returnable. I can't go into it here, but actually, there isn't a picture frame that can't be repaired by one method or other.  There are lots of ways to repair picture frames.

Mat board and Frame Files are very useful in picture framing work. This is a must have item!

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