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Mat Board Tools


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On this web site you can purchase tools and materials for working with either acid free or regular mat boards. We have the most common and most needed hand tools for working with these mats and also mat cutters are available.

You will enjoy working with matte boards much more when you have the proper tools. Most of these are must have tools in every frame shop. Purchase these tools to make your work more fun and productive.


mat board saver filesMat Saver Files

Have you ever cut a mat board on using a mat cutter and when you got done you find the sharp cut edge of the board is not up to your liking.  Maybe you used a dull blade!  Using a dull blade is a neat trick to make your work day last longer! 

One of my favorite tools, a Mat Saver File can be used to dress up the cut edge of the mat board and save your work. The Mat Saver File can remove slight blemishes on the cut edge and even fix a corner.  This of course implies that you haven't really, really damaged the mat.

Go to extreams and nothing will fix it except cutting a new one.  But if a mat has only one or two little problems, many times the mat saver file will fix it easy and save the day for you.  Click here to see a larger image of the Mat Saver Files.

mat saver file fixing a mat boardMat Saver Files are also used to touch up picture frames and picture frame corners. If a picture frame chop corner has a slight nick or dent in it these files will easily fix the frame corner.  The files work very good on wooden picture frames to take out any rought edges on a corner before putting the pictur frame together. Mat Board Saver files are very useful in all fazes of picture framing work. This is a must have item.

You may click here to see the larger image of a Mat Saver File in use

Click here to see an article about How To Use Mat Board Files

Mat Saver File 2 PAC Price $2.69

mat board cleaning pad for picture framingMat Board Cleaning Pads

This cleaning pad is used to clean mat boards and liners. The closed end pad is filled with a cleaning agent. This pad is 5 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide. Soft, grit free pad erases dirt and fingerprints from paper and mats. Never needs washing and is completely reusable.

You may click here to see a larger image of the Mat Board Cleaning Pads

Mat board cleaning pads will clean fingerprints and light dirt off a mat board where nothing else will. They have a certain grity texture which does the cleaning and the cleaning agent slowly leaks out of the pad while you use it causing the cleaning. 

It works on any mat board and does not rough up the surface of the mat boards.  It really does work great! You would never wear this mat board cleaning pad out.  If you do we need to have a talk about your cleanlyness habits in the shop!

Mat Board Cleaning Pad Price $5.69


atg pickup eraser for cleaning mat boardsATG Pickup Eraser

When using ATG tape you sometimes make the mistake of getting a piece where you don't want it, like on a mat (yikes!). This special eraser will pick it up for you. It is not an ordinary eraser, it is vastly different. This is a must have item!

Click here to see a larger image of the
ATG Pickup Erasers

ATG Pickup Eraser Price $4.69


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