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Picture Frame Nail Hole Filler


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These tins measure apx.

Please note: Some tins weight much more than others due to the characteristics of this material. This nail hole filler is sold by volume, not by weight.

picture frame nail hole fillerOn this web site you can purchase professional picture frame nail hole and corner filler that is used by almost every professional picture framer.

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picture frame nail hole filler

It is not only great for nail holes but it also works great to fill in cracks and dings on picture frames and furniture.

The filler and touch up markers are absolute must have items in any frame shop!

A Wonderful Pliable Filler For Cracks, Crevices and Nail Holes. Will Not Shrink or Dry Out ever! These tins of filler should last years. Your grand kids will find it still useable when your gone!

Professional Nail Hole and Corner Filler 

These tins measure 1 1/2 inches by 5/8 inch tall filled to the brim. Please note: Some tins weight much more than others due to the characteristics of this material. 

All tins below Price $3.89

Dark Gold
Dark Walnut
Light Oak

Medium Maple
Blonde Maple
Red Maple
Dark Provincial Maple


How To Use Picture Frame Nail Hole Filler

The picture frame nail hole and corner filler we sell is not to be confused with nail hole fillers that you see in hardware stores. This is completely different.

This nail hole filler is made for picture framers. It spreads and fills in cracks and dings perfectly. It never dries out and the tins can be left sitting for years. These tins of this nail hole filler will last most home picture framers a lifetime. This filler is made in many colors and the colors can be mixed for a perfect match. This nail hole filler is in use by almost every picture frame shop.

Combined with our Picture Frame Markers, you can repair almost any picture frame. The proper way to put a new frame together is to use the Picture Frame Markers first, along the edges, then use the filler after the frames are glued up and nailed if any is needed. The Picture Frame Markers make an amazing difference if used properly on the corners and are unbeatable for repairing scratches.

We also sell quite a bit of this nail hole filler to home owners who are repairing or building a home.  There is a difference between this nail hole filler and other wood fillers.  You need to understand this difference to make the best use of these fillers.

Lets say you are putting in a new door in a house using new boards. If you install the door first, before staining anything, and nail the boards to the wall and or whatever.  In this case you need to use the nail hole filler found in stores. 

Anytime you need to fill in a hole in an unfinished board, you need to use store brought nail hole filler.  The reason is because the nail hole filler used on a fresh board needs to dry out so you can sand the board and then proceed to stain and finish that board.  You should not use our nail hole filler here because it does not dry out so you can't sand it nor will it take a stain.   

Our picture frame nail hole filler is to be used only on pre finished boards, picture frames, or furniture.  This nail hole filler can be mixed to match most any color, and makes perfect repairs on pre finished wood or other items.  Also, after making the repair, due to the materials used to make the filler, you do not have to apply any finish coat over the top of the filler.

You would never want to use a store bought nail hole filler on pre finished wood. If you did so, you would have to sand the repair, stain it, then apply a finish coat over each nail filled because store brought nail hole filler dries with a "blank" look. 

Now if that same carpenter above, stained and finished his boards before he nailed them on the wall. He now needs to use our professional nail hole filler. He would need to mix it to get the color he wanted and go ahead and fill the nails in his "finished boards" using our nail hole filler.

If he filled the nails in his "finished" boards with regular store bought nail hole filler, even the kind that has colored stain mixed with it, he will not get no where near as good a job. Why?  Because those fillers are made to dry out completely.  When those fillers dry out you can easily still see the nails because they dry with a "blank" look to them.  The only way to fix this would be to apply a spot of lacquer or other finish on top of the nail hole filler. This would be impossible.   Also, when those nail hole fillers are applied and they dry out they usually leave a slight unsightly "ring" around the nail. Our nail hole fillers never do this and and some custom carpenters are discovering this and are buying our nail hole filler for doing their finish work.  When done right it is almost impossible to find the nail hole later on.

Use store brought filler only on new unfinished wood. 
Use our nail hole filler only on pre finished wood.

Our professional picture frame nail hole filler never dries out.  When it is cold it may stiffen in the can and can be made more pliable by warming.  When mixing colors, I do so right in the can. Say I needed a dark gold, but the gold in the can is not dark enough. In this case I take a small dab of black, place it on the inside rim of the gold and mix slightly to get just the shade I want. If there is a little left over after use, I just leave it there for next time.

This method works great for me, doesn't make a mess and there is no waste and no I am not ruining my can of gold.  I only mix a very little at a time on top of the gold next to the rim.  You would have to try it to understand.  Besides, you aren't going to use the whole can anyway and somebody else is just going to inherit it.  I try to make frames so they don't need any fillers and in my many years of picture framing, I am still working on my first cans I bought many years ago....

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