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Archival Photo Corners


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On this web site you can purchase picture mounting corners and picture mounting supplies. Every type of photo mounting corner, Lineco Photo Corners, 3L photo corners and 3 M Scotch brand photo mounting corners are available. Our photo mounting corners are fully archival so there is no deterioration of your art.

3 l photo mounting cornersProfessional Photo Mounting Corners

These Professional Photo Mounting Corners are fully archival photo mounting corners, conservation museum mounting corners.

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3L Professional Photo Mounting Corners

Photo corners work great on light weight works of art or photographs.

professional photo mounting cornersCrystal clear photo mounting corners, the photo corners are almost invisible. They are self sticking photo mounting corners with 100% archival acid free safe Polypropylene.

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3L Professional Photo Mounting Corners

PP contains no harmful materials and is totally environment friendly. Easy to use, place on each corner of the photo and press to the mounting board or page. Quick and easy mounting. The photo corners are absolutely transparent.

photo mounting corner in use on pictureThese strong high quality clear photo corners provide an unobstructed view of your image, and will not bleed or crawl. Self-adhesive. These very high quality photo mounting corners are made in Denmark.

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Maxi View Photo Corner

Please note that I purposefully tried to put a glare on picture so that you could more easily see the photo corner.  I wanted to make sure you could see the cut out in the photo corner when your pictures are mounted.  The next photo down, I left the glare off the regular view photo corners as you should be able to see the line across it.

The picture here shows what a maxi view photo corner looks like.  It is one of our most asked questions.  Look at the larger picture.  You will notice that only the sides of the photo corner come on on the picture.  This allows more of the art work to show clearly. 

When you receive the Maxi View photo corners you have to tear out the perforated middle part which is left attached during the manufacture of the photo corner.  This is easily done.  Then you have to of course peel off the backing to expose the glue to stick the photo corner onto the mount board you have planned to use for your art or photo.

photo corner in use on artThis next picture shows what the Regular View Photo Corners look like.  These do not have the middle part perforated and the clear photo corner goes all the way across the art or photo. 

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Regular View Photo Corner

It still is hard to see the corners when mounted, and this corner is of course quite a bit stronger than the Maxi View photo corners.  If you want a photo corner that will strongly hold your photos due to much handling by others than this would be the photo corner you should use.

maxi view photo cornersThis is another picture that shows the difference between Maxi View and Regular View photo corners. The Maxi View has a cut out and allows more of your picture to show.

3/4 x 3/4 inch 3L Regular View Photo Corners 250 Box Price $6.89

1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch 3L Regular View Photo Corners 250 Box Price $12.89
1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch 3L Maxi View Photo Corners 250 Box Price $12.89

3 inch x 3 inch 3L Regular View Photo Corners 100 PAC Price $14.69
3 inch x 3 inch 3L Maxi View Photo Corners 100 PAC Price $14.69

archival photo corners Lineco Infinity Archival Mylar Photo Corners

Lineco has a reputation for making the finest archival mounting products.

These acid free photo corners are made from acid free mylar and will always stay crystal clear and never yellow over time. Safe, easy to use, won't ever harm your photos.

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Lineco Archival Photo Corners

Display and protect photographs, prints, postcards, baseball cards or other items with these mylar/polyester self adhesive mounting corners. Crystal clear and acid free completely free of plasticizers used in PVC corners.

Lineco 1/2 inch Photo Corners 240 PAC Price $9.89
Lineco 1 3/8 inch Photo Corners 240 PAC Price $15.69

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