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Picture Frame Kit


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picture frame kitsOur Best Selling Picture Framing Kit !

This is a really nice picture framing kit that anyone can use to get started framing their own pictures. This kit comes complete with all the tools and supplies necessary to frame your first picture!

This picture framing kit contains everything you will need and can be used over and over. The kit comes with a really nice picture framing clamp that is used to put the corners of the frame together. This picture framing kit contains all the nails, glue and tapes you need. All you need to supply is a hammer and a picture to frame.

picture framing kit and picture framesIncluded in the kit is a really nice picture frame chop that has had the corners mitered and chopped to make the picture frame. All you have to do is use the tools provided to put the picture frame together.

It is super easy to complete and put the picture together. The chop shown is exactly how professional picture framers order their "chops" and put their picture frames together. You can do the same thing using the picture framing clamp, nails and glue we have provided in this picture framing kit.

Many home owners are learning how to put their own pictures together using our tools, supplies and molding chops.

This is a Super Deal ! Look at all the tools and supplies you get in the list below!
Think how much you would pay a commerical picture framer to do this job for you!
A custom cut 11 x 14 Mat alone could cost you $40.00 or more in a frame shop!

Included in this Kit:

One 11 x 14 picture frame chop
Bottle of Professional Picture Frame Glue - Will do lots of frames!
A Large Full Roll of Hand Held ATG Tape - Will do lots of frames!
Picture Framing Corner Clamp - Use it over and over!
Picture Frame Trim Knife and Blades - Use over and over!
Box of Push Points - Will do lots of pictures!
Box of V-Nails - Will do lots of pictures!
11 x 14 Custom Cut Mat Board to fit the frame and cut to fit
a regular 8 x 10 photo or other art work
11 x 14 Real Premium Clear Picture Framing Glass
11 x 14 Archival Mount Board
11 x 14 Backing Board
Backing Paper
Wire Coil and Screw Eyes to finish picture

No Junk included ! This kit contains ALL first class materials, chops and supplies !

All you need to supply is the art or photo that you want to frame

We absolutely guarantee you will be delighted with this picture framing kit.

You will find great satisfaction when you look at your framed project hanging on your wall - for years to come.  Anyone can use this kit to put their own pictures together.

This kit makes the perfect gift for someone special !

Picture Framing Start Up Kit $64.95

You will LOVE doing this project!   Do it with your kids!