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Point Drivers For Picture Framing


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The Framers Friend Point Driver for picture framing

Framers Friend Point Driver

This is a wonderful gun that secures artwork, backing board, and glass into wood picture frames. This tool fires either Rigid or Flexible Points into wood mouldings for fast picture frame finishing. The metal construction is much more durable than plastic brands.

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Framers Friend Point Driver

Spring Loaded Action Drives BOTH Rigid or Flexible Points

This is gun is new and different! I have tested this gun just like the rest, and believe this gun to be the best for our home picture framers! It is priced right, yet you are buying one of the best working point drivers I have used. This gun has an adjustable screw on the back that tightens the drivers spring making the Framers Friend Point Driver fire the points deeper and harder into the wood picture frame moulding.

The Framers Friend Point Driver for picture framingSo what's new about that you say, the other guns all have that feature. Well, what is new is that this feature really works on this gun! I have tested this gun on our solid oak moulding test piece, and with the adjusting screw screwed in almost all the way, this gun will easily fire the flexible picture framers points into a piece of solid oak picture frame moulding!

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Framers Friend Point Driver

In fact, this gun will drive the points in harder and deeper than most other Point Drivers! In fact, it drives the flexible points in so hard it is much more difficult to remove them than removing the points fired by other guns. We were quite amazed! Quite a few other guns won't hardly fire a point into this piece of solid oak hardly at all.

With this gun you can easily get by with just using the Flexible Points all the time. It fires them in firm, hard, and flat to the backing. This gun may not be as pretty as the rest, but it sure has got it where it counts. I highly recommend our Framers Freind Point Driver to our home picture framers! This gun sure has a better and stronger working spring. Our mission is to help you succeed and to do that, we give you an honest appraisal every time. Get this gun and you won't be disappointed.

FREE!  The Framers Friend Point Driver Comes With 1000 Flexible Points FREE!


Framers Friend Flexible Point Strips 2000 PAC Price $9.89
Framers Friend Flexible Point Strips 4000 PAC Price $16.95

How To Use A Picture Framing Point Driver

logan point driverThere was a time when most pictures had the backing installed into them by the use of a hand held nail driving gun.  That gun worked via hand power and was actually quite nice to use and is still a great way for the home owner to put the backing into picture frames.  It has been difficult to find these guns of late and many home owner's install the backing into picture frames using push points.

The picture framing point drivers above are more expensive but work great.  They are quick and easy to use and the use is almost effort less.  Just place the gun on the surface and fire away! These guns insert picture framer's points flat to the surface and fires up to 100 points without reloading. Each point provides really good holding power.

fletcher point driver for picture framesMost professional picture framers  place the glass, mats, art and mounting boars into the back of the picture frame, then if there is any space left over they fill that space with cardboard, foam, or some other filler until the edge of the frame is reached.  You can tell a well framed picture just by seeing (feeling) if this has been done or not by looking at the back side. 

This being said, the backing some times comes up really close to the edge of the picture frame.  Usually there is a small space there where you can hold the point gun and drive in the point, and sometimes you might have to press down on the gun to make room for the point to go into the wood.

The reason I tell you this is that when any points are driven into the picture frame you need to drive those points in flat to the surface of the backing.  This is true no matter what you use for points, weather it be push points, nails, or point gun points.

holding a point driver on the surface of the picture frame backingYou should never ever tip the point gun up to fire in the points into the wood picture frame. If there is no other way you need remove some backing, use thinner backing, or use off set clips to install the art. 

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Picture frame Point Driver in use

If you tip the gun up to fire in the points, the tips of those points will almost always come through the backing paper later and be seen and mark you as a very crude picture framer.

points being driven flat into a picture frameYou need to always hold your point gun flat and firmly to the picture frame backing surface and fire in the points. Hold the point gun firm so the point will be driven into the picture frame nice and snugly.  If you fire that point in flat to the surface, it actually doesn't need to go in very far to hold well. This is all you need.   

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Points being driven into a picture frame

On the other hand, if you tip the gun up and fire in the point, it won't hold hardly at all, no matter how deep you go.  Keep the gun flat to the surface of the backing materials always.

On solid oak picture frame mouldings many times the point drivers won't fire points very deep into the mouldings.  If you are having trouble with an extreamly hard piece of wood, what you want to do is drive in all the points you need.  Than take a piece of clear tape, such as J-lar tape, and just tape over the points right onto the foam backing. This will hold the points in place very firmly.

The best place to start is with the corners of the picture frame. Put one point on each side of the corner about 2 inches away from the corner.  Then place other points all the way around the picture frame about 6 inches apart.

Many times when picture frames are completed, there is a slight offset distance between the two mouldings on the corner of the picture frame.  Maybe there is a slight bit of wood chip there, or maybe some excess glue.  If you drive a point directly into the very corner of the picture frame and press down hard you could break the glass on the picture due to this being a pressure point.  I have done this several times which is why I recommend you stay a couple of inches away from the corners. The main idea here is to have fun, not change out broken glass!

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