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Super Clear Print Bags


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super clear print bagsSuper Clear Print Bags

On this web site you can purchase Re-Sealable Super Clear Print Bags. This is a great product to display your artwork and photo prints. These clear bags are very attractive, neat, and super clear.

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Super Clear Print Bags

Note: All sizes listed below are the sizes that will fit into each bag. For example, a 5x7 photo will fit into the 5x7 bag perfectly.

Note these bags are being discontinued. Please do not order more than shown below.

5x7 Super Clear Print Bags 10 PAC Price $3.89
8x10 Super Clear Print Bags 10 PAC Price $4.69
11x14 Super Clear Print Bags 10 PAC Price $5.89


How To Use Super Clear Print Bags

super clear print bag in useThe picture on the left was taken of my really nice hand through two layers of one of these bags.  The bag is laying on top of my hand. Notice how nice it looks, the bag, not my hand. :)

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Super Clear Print Bag on my hand

No blowing up to make copies of my finger prints allowed :) Notice that nice long life line!

Unlike shrink wrap there is no fogging or distortion. The top has a re-sealable opening. On the photo here, I have left it open so that you can see it.

This re-sealable opening really works good. I took this bag and closed it and resealed it 12 times with no effect on the glue. It worked as great the 12th time as it did the first time. These bags make shrink wrapping obsolete and eliminates excessive handling of prints.

The bags are also way, way nicer looking then shrink wrapping. The bags are super clear, unlike shrink wrap which always looks a little hazy. These bags are the very best way to show off your photos or prints for resale or just to protect them. Unlike other brands, you will find these bags to be super clear and re-sealable.

OK so I don't display prints any more so I'll let you in on a little secret.  Many times when you display photos or prints, maybe a mat and print combination, they won't fit these bags very well, so like most other people you don't use these bags. 

When I was displaying my photos I could almost always make my photos look sharper and clearer than my competitors photos.  How?  I used these clear print bags which look lots better than shrink wrap!  Ya, but Reim they don't fit.....

Well this is my secret exposed.  One day while fooling around shrink wrapping photos I put one of my mat and print combos into one of the larger super clear print bags, and used my shrink wrapping cutter on the bag. 

shrink wrap cutter in use(A shrink wrapping cutter is usually a electrically heated hot wire used to cut and seal shrink wrap)

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Shrink Wrap Cutter in use

You know what, that sucker cut and sealed that Super Clear Print Bag perfectly. Now I could just place the photo into a bag, hold the shrink wrap cutter close and cut and seal around one or two sides of the Super Clear Print bag and presto, I was done.  No heat gun or heating to shrink anything was needed!  Man, did I not only get a much nicer product but I didn't have to spend any of my time holding a heat gun over the photo to shrink the wrap. I could make these bags fit almost all of my mat-photo combos to.

When doing this I tended to purposefully cut the resealable part of the bag off.  These bags are so clear they don't need to open them.  The customer can't get into the bag and dirty things up, or get the glued edge of the bag onto the face of the photo and ruin it.  It just saved so many hassles I never went back to shrink wrapping my photos. 

Then I ordered some other bags like these and it didn't work. The two cut edges wouldn't seal properly.  Don't make that mistake.  The ones I got here on this site will seal and work fine!

I'm telling you, this is a great way to go to display photography!

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Sincerely, Reimond Grignon